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Baby Zariel feedback

werdandi#8366 werdandi Member Posts: 316 Arc User
Sorry if there is already a thread in another place but I did not find.
I would like to give my humble and short feedback on the light version of Zariel challenge.
-The required item level is low and I understand that we cannot expect a very high difficulty here, no need to bring strong tanks/healers and debuffs/debuffing mounts. It is understood.
- The mechanics have also been simplified but maybe a bit too much, considering this trial should be an initiation: being hit by a daunting light then having rain of sword should leave you barely alive and not 75% alive.
- There is no real risk to wipe (unless people fall) except the tanks that could miss the tankbuster ; ok
- The hit points of the shades are the ones that need the most to be revised and increased: at the moment tanks don't even need to swap (it also seem they can resist even after being debuffed by the shade they are fighting) and nobody is taking any ball because the shades are killled in a few seconds. Please increase their hit points to make phase 2 relevant and meaningful.
- Phase 4 with the two angels is also more permissive unless tanks are not well positionned . I am not sure if the delay to kill the other angel has been increased (once a first angel is gone) but for sure there is more room for mistakes than in the Master version.
- Phase 5 should have 2 daunting lights or 2 chained heal check mechanics just for teaching purpose.


  • the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
    I think you don`t understand the concept of Story mode trial. This version is a place where almost anyone can que and have some fun. The Story mode version or the normal version is meant to bring players together not challenging them. That s why TOMM is still only for players that need a challenge and also the master version of Zariel. Don`t get me wrong. I have completed the master trial many times and I still enjoy the difficulty, but I wasn`t expected that the normal version will have the same mechanics and a close difficulty level to the master one. Thats being said from my pov the normal one it is where it needs to be in terms of accesibilty/difficulty/mechanics.
  • werdandi#8366 werdandi Member Posts: 316 Arc User
    > @the1truehunter said:
    > I think you don`t understand the concept of Story mode trial.

    I think you don't understand me either. I said the level of difficulty is ok considering the required item level. I just ask ask for a buff of the shades because this phase is not relevant in its current state and I would like it to last long enough (for instance if we compare with the manticores difficulty in svardborg). And if phase 5 could have at least a double mechanic to enhance it(I don't even ask for a triple or quadruple), it would be nice.
    The rest of my text was a report/acknowledgement.

    That's all
  • nooneatzanooneatza Member Posts: 173 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    It really depends what the developers have in mind with the baby mode.

    If developers made it with the idea that people should just do it for the story it's actually great, heck, if that is the case it should be made even easier and put in rtq. I would have no issue with it being even easier than it is now. (THIS IS MY OPINION DONT CRUCIFY ME)

    If developers made it with the idea that it should be a stepping stone for master zariel, where people could get an idea of what to do, it's NOT ok. Especially since no one trains anything in the easy mode, all mechanics are just facetanked, there is no bleed, tanks dont need to swap during fiends, hell they dont even need to block.
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