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Collections improvement suggestion

I would like to propose a suggestion on a potential for a game improvement that I think many will get behind.

Currently, the 'Collections' is just a useless way to keep track of what items you've obtained, throughout the game. While it's great to be able to see what we've collected, it really does nothing else. My proposal is to consider this. Why not incorporate a 'Buy-back system' for the items we've obtained in our collections, on that toon. For things like the Epic gear that we've obtained in our adventures, but refined due to things like a need for inventory space. I think the ability to buy that back for a price would be a great improvement.

For example. Many of us burned through much of the 'Undermountain's Companion Gear' items, and refined the ones we were not going to be using to save space. However, now many of the items we need, were not what was needed in the past. And as such, we're having to grind for a chance to receive those items from Zok.

But rather than dealing with the frustration of having to hopefully get that item again. I think it would be awesome if I could do something like go into my Collections and voluntarily spend maybe 3,000 refinement points, or something like that, to buy the item back. I figure, if the item refined for 300 refinement, then I would pay up to a 10x refinement loss, if I wanted to buy that item back from my collections.

And as a fail-safe to make sure people aren't buying back from collections on one toon, to transfer to another toon, you just have it state something like 'Binds on Buyback (Character)' so that if the item is being obtained through the Buyback function, the item will be found to character, instead of account, so that said item cannot be transferred.


  • kreatyvekreatyve Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,404 Community Moderator
    While I like this idea, they would have to figure out a way to implement it so that it doesn't get exploited. Just holding an item puts it in your collections. You can borrow items from friends to add them to your collection. I think that they would have to take steps to prevent that from happening, like maybe only items that were bound to you or something.
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