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Please remove visable enemy stamina

revovlerjesus1revovlerjesus1 Member Posts: 481 Arc User
I dont know when or more important WHY you implementet to see the enemies stamina. It does not take much skill to pvp in this game how it is, but this is just straight down dumb. Before u had to be a bit more tactical and smart about how you use encounters/ dailys. Now u can chip away enemy stamina and just see, Ahhh no blue bar time for daily...

[Combat (Self)] Critical Hit! (POTATO TR) deals 478845 (726177) Physical Damage to you with Shocking Execution.

This is a prime example of a TR that would never ever land a daily properly when enemy stamina was not visable.


  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,144 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    I hate to add insult to injury here or anything but... I kinda doubt that rogue was looking at your stamina bar at all. I don't think most players pay attention to it. The stamina bar being visible probably doesn't have the negative effect on player skill that you think it does, because most players simply aren't aware enough in this game to take advantage of it much in the first place. In theory it would make it a little bit easier for players to hit you if they payed attention to it more.

    In my case, I've known the bar is there since mod 17 (it was added before that though) but I seem to be in a weird inbetween point when it comes to using it vs the old method of counting dodges. Where I am using a mix of counting dodges and occasionally checking the stamina bar.

    I've also noticed the visible enemy stamina bars are somewhat unreliable, its like the bar you see is often out of sync with how much stamina an enemy really has. Only way to be sure they are actually out is to force your opponent to empty it completely or to just use the old method. An example of how to make sure someone is really out of stamina is provoking a wizard to dodge 3 times, and then provoking them to dodge a 4th time once their visibly very low stamina has regenerated a little bit.
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  • fuxion#7775 fuxion Member Posts: 290 Arc User
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