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nerf zariel or explain the mechanics

I've queued this dungeon a few times with some friends to try to learn it but it seems impossible, at 530k hp with capped stats i am dying every single time she does light of judgement, this thing hits me for 2 million damage and with capped defense it goes down to around 650k. this is not fun and is just going to drive people away from this game as this is the 2nd time an impossible trial has been released(impossible to 95% of the playerbase). also my tank is being hit for damage in the billions. 15 billion damage. make this trial accessible to the public.


  • carloswartune#5709 carloswartune Member Posts: 240 Arc User
    Figuring out the mechanics is part of the fun for some players, that's why many people like "blind runs". However, if you don't want to figure out mechanics out by yourself, there are videos explaining them. This one is very informative. (Note: the video is very big but the part actually explaining the mechanics is just 20 minutes, starts at 07:30)

    Now, about your questions:
    1) I'm not sure what you mean by "Light of Judgement". Is that the big AoE damage after she says "something something WORTHY"? If that's the case, it's called Weight of Virtue, but most people refer to it as Whitenoise or "heal check". 530k HP is more than enough to handle it, but you have to stack mitigations. Generally Griffon + Wyvern Artifact + Healer's mitigation powers (Astral Shield, Hallowed Ground, Sanctuary, and so on). The base damage is around 1.7M, defense will bring it down to ~850k so you need to coordinate extra mitigations with your team properly.

    2) Your tank was hit for billions due to the other tank not taking aggro at the right time. This mechanic is explained at 08:15 in the video I linked:
    - Zariel applies Armor Break and Stuns whoever currently has aggro;
    - She then "goes down" and prepares to cast Judgement;
    - After some seconds, she will hit whoever have aggro with Judgement. If it's the same person who got the Armor Break, the damage will be billions. If, however, the other tank takes aggro (as they're supposed to), the damage will be manageable with the proper mitigations.

    3) There is no need to nerf the "actual" Zariel fight because there is an easier version coming, as per planned in the roadmap. Apparently the damage is smaller and some mechanics will have red areas in addition to their usual visual clues in the easy version. It will probably arrive with "The Redeemed Citadel" episode this month, I think.
  • carloswartune#5709 carloswartune Member Posts: 240 Arc User

    yes weight of virtue....so you're telling me that you have to have legendary mounts to do this dungeon? so its 100% p2w bullpoop, because the only way to get a griffon mount is buying lockbox keys. if people did not buy keys there would not be any griffon mounts in game. i guess maybe i should just move on to something thats not pay to win.


    First, because lockbox keys are not the only way to get a griffon. I never spent a dime in the game, farmed AD and bought an account wide griffon from the AH to get mine.

    Second, griffon is very useful and generally used, but it's not needed. You'll have to stack another mitigation if you don't have it. One good item to use would be the Volatile Holy Water, for instance. The Wyvern damage reduction effect stacks, so an extra Wyvern would also be a good solution. Sigil of the Paladin and Tiamat's Orb of Majesty are other good choices.
  • krymkackrymkac Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    yeah lets ignore the fact that the game tells you straight away its 2 tanks 6 dps 2 healers content... or the fact that no other dungeons\trials have mechanics explained in game. or the fact that rainer & few others made detailed video guides over a month ago for those who doesn't find figuring out stuff fun. lets all just ask devs to handheld us through the content meant for bis endgame players.
  • carloswartune#5709 carloswartune Member Posts: 240 Arc User

    i know but my point was that without someone buying keys and getting it, it would not be on the AH.
    thanks for the tips, i imagine my problem is just that i dont have enough players, ive been trying it with 1,2 and 3 players so far. and as you mentioned i had tested wyvern knives, volatile holy water, tiamat orb of majesty, paladin sigil, and alone they were not enough to compensate.

    Oh, you will definitely want more players to properly test it. Not only more players will provide more mitigation stacks for Weight of Virtue, it will also make sure you won't get "weird mechanic interactions" that can happen if there aren't 10 players in the platform. Like tanks getting targeted by clusters or 2 clusters targeting the same player.
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