Drop rate - Transparency

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Why is there no real Transparency in this game? Is it a secret? NW tells us we have a 1% 2% 5% 20% 50% chance at upgrading things.. and we get told we have a Weekly Cap on things and max caps.

Why not tell us the same for drop rates that everyone is talking about? Is there a cap per hour/day/week? What is the drop rate? saying ...
The drop rate of treasure maps has been increased, and can now drop from weaker enemies.

That could mean anything ie going from 1% to 1.1%

Today I've seen ppl in zone chat asking questions about how it works.. and if its only one per mob and if they join in is it still? Whenever something gets changed or released it feels like it's our job to figure it out. And even then it's all trial and error and usually always wrong.. Why not just tell us what it is?

This feels like it happens with almost everything in NW that gets released. A vague description of it.. and a simple "Figure it out" type mentality.


  • fademist#5406
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    its law thingie that gives that flexibility
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    Drop rates are rather... Cryptic in this game XD Pun intended!!
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    Similar question......who controls the actual drop rates? Who sets the percentages on lockbox odds, loot tables, etc. Does Cryptic control this or is it the publisher Perfect World? How much input does Perfect World corporate offices have in the design process?

    The players would like to know. I sure would....

    I mean to say, I want to know are the games odds controlled by a game design company in California or by a corporate office in Beijing, China?