Healing Classes are down right unenjoyable now



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    krumple01 said:

    As it states, all the healing classes really suck now. No matter what class, they all feel horrible. I tried several tests and at times gave 0 heals on cleric and warlock. I abandoned my paladin, debating on deleting him at this point. To me, I feel this is down right a slap in the face to long term healing players. Broken mechanics, messed up bugs, you really know how to destroy a game at this point. This is worse than mod 16. Mark my words...more players will leave and all you will have is Barbies online. Better give them a heal spec so that all you need is one class does all. Wait and see cryptic, you never listen to players on concerns and it will cost you in the end.

    I dunno. Mod 18, i rarely ever healed, found it boring. Mod 19 started and I wanted to learn the new system. Turns out after that I am running healing more than dps cleric in mod 19 and liking the new system.

    I bet you one billion ad that the reason most clerics are crying about healing is because they don't actually understand the new system and are attempting to heal using their old mod 18 tactic. That wont work.

    I find the new healing system more enjoyable. Sure it is a little more complex but rewarding when all I hear are clerics crying about "healing nerf" when I actually feel stronger now than mod 18. My divinity doesn't run out as fast and single target healz are so fat that and huge it makes mod 18 healz look petty..

    You slammed the nail with a sledgehammer, well said

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    So very true about a lot of things in your post.

    Our Guild and Alliance members have talked about a lot of these things: The changes based on hardcore members saying things are too easy as well as the health stones. It is sad that the casual players are going to be left in the gaps (lower item levels, Stats, boons...etc. ) and they will find other things to do. Making changes to the game based on the top end players has had a negative impact for a long time in this game....unfortunately many people don't bother going to preview server to check things out or even go to the forums to post feedback or respond to feedback to get their voices heard. I was one of those players until MOD 16; I may not start a thread often but I have been reading through them consistently to see whats going on and what players are experiencing.

    Thanks for the response.

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    twidget72 said:


    I hadn't thought of a politician when I read @twidget72 but now that I think of it, spot on, full tilt PC.

    I wasn't trying to be PC... I was trying to be POSITIVE and give some POSITIVE responses instead of just being part of the problem and just screaming about how much it sucked to try and heal. I, as well as others are working it out and have made the changes to our characters to make it work. Have done multiple LoMM and several IC runs and it has gone fairly well. Still some slight tweaking to be made for sure but all in all it is not as bad as people have made it out to be.


    I have taken the time to watch player videos and chat with people who know far more about this game, and play it with far more conviction than myself. The unanimous consensus is no one is pleased with these changes, a handful however take your 'grin and bare it' approach.

    As I understand it, the reasoning for this nerfing (as was explained to me):

    Some ppl were able to solo heal the hardest content on the preview server even before they got their new gear.

    And unfortunately, this had developers tailor the changes around a few hardcore number crunching players, completely ruling out what is fun for the casual player who just wants to jump into a queue and farm some dungeons with some friends.

    A few guys could do the newest content in 10mins and probably complained it wasn't tough enough.

    Some however, hinted this nerfing was to help the sales of stones and other items to increase survivability rates, if healers can't heal well enough to keep parties alive, resorting to stones becomes a necessity.

    Devs should never base changes off of what the top tier players can do, because the majority of players will never attain that level of competency or spend that amount of time playing the game.

    Healers NEED to be able to heal, Tanks need to take dmg, Ranged DPS need to do damage... Anything that makes a common player incapable of being a good healer, is an element that will harm the game, and its ability to keep players. Changes should be based on common players with average game skill... not top end players.

    Just my opinion, I've seen games run into the dirt by developers that just didn't get it.

    And no offense meant, nothing wrong with being positive and working it out.

    Although I agree with this personally, it does not translate into more sales, or at least that is the idea.

    Cryptic needs people to buy Zen, that is their number one priority. With the changes coming concerning lock/loot boxes in the UK and EU and more scrutiny on "gambling" within games, esp those that have lots of under 18's playing, it would appear Cryptic may be changing their focus on generating income to a more FOMO based model. Meaning, they cater to an elite set of players hoping the other players to feel the need to catch up with them by buying more stuff like companions, enchants/runes, wards, packs, etc.

    I don't think it's an accident that they are listening more to the elites because they are the "showcase" if you will that other players will want to catch up to (for various psychological reasons).

    Whether I agree with this methodology or not (either morally or business wise), it seems to be the direction they are moving. Only time will tell though.

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    I am glad, some of you guys love it. For me, I stopped playing. All the terrible changes killed my desire to play. I been trying to log on and give it the honest try over and over again, but I don't feel it any more for this game. It feels like Cryptic could not even pay me to stay. Not sure what that is called, but that is what has happened to me personally.
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    shugensha said:

    As a healer i can say this: every single time i pug or go premade, i fear i won't be good enough for my team, and most times i feel i am not cuz you can see well geared players getting wreked or needing to use stones, so my confidence in healing is almost 0 thanks to this mod. Luckly my pugs had ppl that knew healing was nerfed and understood.

    Do not take the blame, we still love healers, even if it's harder for them. We use stone to take away a little burden from you ;)
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    Finally healers need to get familiar with mechanics, just like in every other MMO tank and healer must know dungeon well, not just faceroll on keyboard. I welcome any changes that add complexity to this game, it's just so easy.

    Yes, here are some great examples that show how much more complex healing is in M19 for DC and OP:

    - No resource management at all. With my DC, Healing LoMM's second boss with "just" 20 Gigawatts was hard in M18. In M19, me and my friends did a test run and 110 Gigawatts was extremely easy to heal due to no need to manage divinity at all;

    - No need to aim anything. Bastion of Health and Divine Touch, the heals we used before, needed to be aimed at their targets. Now both are trash so we just spam Healing Word and Divine Shelter, and Tab to heal the tank;

    - OP can just spam Divine Shelter instead of needing to properly manage Critical Touch like needed before;

    If they keep "increasing" complexity like this, soon all content will be as complex as Master of the Hunt. Yay!
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    You can say thanks For solo tank and solo heal endgamers( I speak about TOMM) ppl start going with solo tank, after wat couple group just making with 8 dps 1 tank 1 OP heler, it's not suppose to happen, I think its 1 of the reason why healer got nerf + zariel will be to much easy with old heling system
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    sadly devs base their "improvements" on the fact that they saw 5 man ToMM and freaked out "omgtheyresoopmustnerfthem" ^^

    To point things right, 5 men TOMM have been made AFTER adjustements, your argument is invalid
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    > @durugudesu said:
    >if they cant change how they used to heal, which is overhealing by spamming and healing everytime someone's hp is not full.
    A healer is a healer no matter what.

    It's now just ridiculous casting heals and not getting ppl to full like it used to. Why? Bc of the OH nerf
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    I have ran no party member death IC and Tomm runs as a devout cleric healer.

    Ill say it again, the clerics complaining calling it a "nerf" 100% do not understand the changes and what they mean.

    Before I couldn't single target heal a paladin from nearly dead to full HP, I can now.. So tell me how is that a nerf?

    Is it a nerf because you want to party heal everyone from dead to full with one cast? Because if that is the case, thankx for wanting boring healing system.
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    I dropped my Paladin healer as its horrible to play. I have not really done much healing and converted my healers to dps/heals so I can at least take 1st place that way on the leader boards in scaled content with pugs to feel better. I am also waiting for Ashes of Creation to go into testing so I can check out its healing system more and see what it has to offer vs here. I am no longer angry anymore on this issue as nothing will change as its set in stone and nothing I say or do will change it. I am a nobody to this community as well as cryptic and I am ok with it and I have moved on past it. Will see if in time they tweak healing to be less boring than it is now. SW healing is at least better vs pally for entertainment purposes.
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    I too, have been playing a Cleric ( A/C ) since Mod 4. I gave it up after Mod 16 and came back to it in 18. I created a new Cleric in Mod 18, leveled it up, got the proper gear ( Currently using the old Tiamat's set for 5% more outgoing) and though a little rusty, i can successfully Heal LoMM, TIC and ToMM.

    I followed varied YouTube Devout Builds and watched many videos on healing techniques. I normally play Arbiter, and one day my Guild/Alliance offered to help me get the Lion Guard gear from TIC BUT.... said I had to "EARN IT" and made me heal it ( Yes, they were laughing at me all the way). I agreed and DAMN if I didn't do a pretty good job. Choo Choo Charlie was a REAL TEST ( Our Tank died twice ), but was able to manage Divinity properly and keep everyone healed enough to complete.

    Yes sometimes we, as DPS will need to use a health stone from time to time as the Healers can no longer just mash buttons and heal like we use to in earlier mods. A buff to our heals is always welcomed, but, with training, and actually knowing how healing now works I have few problems.

    NOW... is it as Fun as it use to be for me..... Not really, as it now takes WORK and lots management to successfully Heal the High End content. For some I suppose this is Fun.. for others no.