Official M19 wizard feedback thread

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I see that wizard doesn't have a feedback thread and it should. This class has been plagued with bugs since mod 17. @vcttethias can provide more insight into the class, but once these bugs are fixed (power surge, arcane power field, arcane stack % damage etc.), it will be effectively nerfed. Some small changes might be needed to keep it as effective as it is now.

@joebot#9387 @noworries#8859

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    Official? I don't think it means what you think it means
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    Wizards definitely need some tweaking when it comes to Single Target, but I'd rather leave that to people who know about that more than me. What I wish people would bring more attention to is the wizard's AoE damage. To be blunt, it is most likely the absolute worst in the game out of the DPS classes. The AoE encounters take too long to cast, and waiting for them to be off cooldown is a drag. In TIC, the mobs will be half-dead before we can get our Icy Terrain and Steal Time off, and those two are pretty much the only two AoE encounters that can deal decent damage. It just feels incredibly awkward, especially when it comes to the fact that even on AoE we use Ray of Frost, because Storm Pillar just doesn't do enough damage. :c
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    So, M19 launched today. You're showing up after the party's over. Also, threads are official when posted by a developer, which you are not. Joebot specifically addressed why there isn't one in the Chilling Advantage thread.

    Joebot in the Chilling Advantage thread:
    Good day,
    My apologies the Wizard did not receive an individual post. Other than the changes made in the M18 Class Balance Adjustments thread, there were no additional changes outside of the one you mentioned. However, we are not writing off the Wizard completely while we continue to monitor and adjust the classes accordingly.
    Regarding Chilling Advantage, the intent was to address a bug with the original functionality. Additionally, we wanted to provide a more straightforward alternative playstyle focused on maintaining Rimefire Weaving without having to combo Smolder and Chill stacks. We were not necessarily considering this as a damaging alternative to Shatter Strike.
    As always, we appreciate your feedback. We will continue to investigate and make changes throughout the beta, as time allows.
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    I mean, to those saying the fact that there was no feedback thread was addressed, clearly that was not enough, as wizard is not in a good spot. Some suggestions were taken to help other classes, and the same should be done here. Top players have good ideas on how to balance wizard AoE. Probably a slight ray of frost buff and some AoE encounter on thauma.

    This can be relabeled to unofficial if it makes ppl happy or something, but the motivation for having this thread doesn't change.
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    also why the heck have some dailies of wizard been having target limits? arcane singularity, ice storm, furious immolation (and i think maelstrom too) have limited damage but only oppressive force has unlimited target. this has been the case for 13 mods i believe?
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    I would simply say that wizards become the planned lowest class. For this reason - I will not play neverwinter at least until I see positive responses on the forum, and I conclude that the modifications to this game are made in a controlled and professional manner. For now, it convinces me that there is no reason to spend money but also time. I think that in this state, nerfs can completely remove wizards from the game and nothing will happen .... only operators will lose more people and the "Arc" mark before the game will warn players not to even try.
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    I retired my just trash i will still complete last campaign to get those useless boons but will remain just a bank/invoker alt
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    Our AOE damage was always bad, now we managed to balance our "Single Target" and "AOE" damage with these "nerfs" Now we don't have a good damage on "Single Target" and even less on "AOE" Congratulations!
    By - Polly o /
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    because? why all these nonsense nerf ???

    now the cw is useless in both ST and AoE ....

    the game experience is disappointing and many will abandon .... congratulations
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    For the sake of class balancing please, @nitocris83

    Plenty of bugs on CW class need to be addressed to. Any chance we can get a word on this / get the issue escalated
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    #CW got slight Nerfs, and doenst matter at all thats what we get from Todays awesome Stream, thanks cryptic for putting that out there awesome Feedback about our class.