Avernus Treasure Map Chests: The drop table

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I just finished digging up and opening 500 treasure chests, which is a sufficiently large sample size to give a reasonable estimate of what the drop table is like (and no, I did not farm 500 maps - I farmed 100, and copied my character 5 times over to Preview where I dug up the chests) Now, you may wonder why I bothered, but the reason is that this will probably be my last post, at least for a while, so I wanted it to be a bit more "interesting" than usual.

So, here is is:

You will always receive

  • 25 Infernal Scrap (value 166,66 rAD)

You have a roughly 55% chance of getting

  • The Firesmith's Hammer (worthless, well, you might need a few, but not hundreds of them)

You will receive one of the following

  • Aquamarine (16% chance, value 150 RP)
  • Sapphire (42% chance, value 500 RP)
  • Black Opal (42% chance, value 1000 RP)

You will receive one of the following

  • 1-5 Canian Iron Bars (45% chance, worthless)
  • IL 1225 Epic gear (31% chance, not worth using, value 300 RP)
  • Uncommon, rare or epic Ring (8% chance, not worth using, average value 120 RP)
  • Rare or epic shirts or pants, (15% chance. Some of the epic ones may be worth using for some builds, rest has an average value of around 200 RP).
  • Legion gear (1% chance)
What this really means:

You have a tiny chance of getting something worthwhile from a treasure chest - either a Legion gear piece you do not have or a decent pair of pants, but most of the time you will just get stuff worth an average of 166 rAD and 800 RP in total.

Moreover, the 1% drop rate for the Legion set means that most players will have a set after 250 chests or so, but a significant percentage can open 400-500 chests and still not get a set.

So, is this fun, rewarding activity ? Hardly. In fact, this brings me to the reason why I decided to take a break from the game.

Neverwinter used to be fun, but as far as I am concerned, the "fun" is gone.
  • I love crafting, and that is gone - worthless waste of time.
  • I loved the Foundry and that is gone.
  • I simply do not like how the game disrespects players and their time - see for example my complaints about giving character-bound loot for the wrong class. There is a limit to how often I can stand being slapped in the face, and I am afraid I have reached my limit.
  • Solo activity for me on a typical day typically involves fighting Bel for 40 minutes, in the hope of getting the Dented rod to drop from a box, followed by 2-4 hours of farming maps, in the hope of getting the Legion set (which I do not have on the Live server), and yes, often spending 10 minutes running one of the 3 instances that have a chance of giving me the Repentant Dragon Cultist - something which I am still missing, despite trying to farm it for, what, 5+ years ? Is this fun? Does it feel rewarding? Do I leave the game happy or more frustrated/irritated than when I started playing?
  • Group activity? Well, the latest dungeons are fun for some, but the reason I left the game I used to play before NWO was a lack of flexibility - there was only a single "viable" build for each class, only a single set of powers to use in a specific rotation, and certain mechanics that "had" to be countered in specific ways. Neverwinter originally offered a lot of flexibility, but recently it has been moving away from that and it is becoming more and more like the old game I left 7 years ago. Guild group activity is, well...dead....Dragonflight is just too pointless, random groups are a painful experience, and so on...you know the issues.
Now, I have taken a break from the game before - I left for a year after the Elemental Evil disaster and came back once the game improved. Maybe I will be back in a month, maybe a year, or maybe never. Maybe they will make crafting viable again, maybe they will fix some of the worst issues I have been complaining about for the last 2 months or actually listen to some of my suggestions, but as it is, the game has just lost its appeal to me....for now.

So, have fun, everyone....I will be seeking my daily dose of fun elsewhere.
Hoping for improvements...


  • critslain#7719
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    I agree with you that the constant layer upon layer of RNG is no fun at all. I am just left feeling frustrated & unlucky. The loot needs a major overhaul as a whole but I doubt it will happen. I honestly feel that the developers are using RNG as filler for the lack of content. If you're going to rely on so much chance at least implant a pity timer or something so even the unlucky amongst us have a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I was hoping the Mr Whiteside would be making NW great again but not seeing any of that tbh.

    On a side note thankyou for all your insightfull posts here & on Reddit.
  • anusamoralis#5249
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    And its even not the best weapon set in game. Its not even a bit respect to players who play this game its just sadistic behaviour from cryptic.
  • thany#4351
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    This game, this year, is in a bad "shape". Too much exploits, rng layers... We already can feel/see lack of players. Nothing interesting/fun here, only frustration. I already gave up on dented rod (already spent way too much time on "insurgencies" for a battle worn rod untill i got it), on treasure maps... I can't find anything fun to do in this game. I don't know, but this game needs radical change of direction.
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    I am always sorry to see people not having fun in game. My answer is, do what makes you happy. I would always say join a large alliance so you dont have to pug, but we know alliances and guilds also contain people that are new, undergeared, and want a tomm carry for lionhearts. Best of luck and I truly hope you return soon. Your posts will be missed.
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    ...while I was writing out my frustration about that rng bs for weapon set and forgers box as well...I was just thinking why the h... I have to do stuff like this and logged off...
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    The odd thing is there is a "simple" fix. All they need to do is take the infernal scrap from all the map chests and make them so you can craft weapons. therefore the grind is at least worth something. make it so it can be easily crafted but difficult (10%) chance for it to be a +1 or maybe a +2 weapon and or equipment.... that will fix a few things. We need a reason to grind, not an RNG upon an RNG
  • deanski07
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    Yup,I must agree totally that this game is no fun anymore because of all the fruitless grinding you have to do to get some of the things that everyone wants.I bought like 150 boxes,no dented rod ,and i am so tired of fighting Bel. Opened like 50 maps ,when i got them,nothing,so i saved up 60 maps and opened those all at once,again nothing.It just feels kinda like a slap in the face for all your time and effort. It causes people to be frustrated,angry,and depressed.When a game starts to feel like a job you don't want to do,then it loses its appeal.The culprit is the terrible RNG especially when its doubled!! You have to adjust the numbers and give the clients who play this game a better % chance at success,or i guarantee you are going to lose them.
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    And the funny thing is instead of fixing stuff they always try to throw the player's attention to some other place.

    Oh too many negative posts about healing? here you go! a brand new QOL cdp! have fun..
    Wait!! people complaining about the rng ? here!! you can buy 1 alpha compy in the zen store now for a limited time!!

    same HAMSTER as always
  • kharkov58
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    I have not seen a lot of engagement from @cwhitesidedev#9752 in the last couple of months, especially since the healing changes were announced.
  • sandukutupu
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    @adinosii if you read this...
    I must admit, I am also spending less time on the game. Yesterday, I logged in and no friends were online, I could not mail them more than 33 characters... so what is the point? I am supposed to tell people, "Avernus 4 pm or else!"? I am a woman of many words. I can't help it, I don't even own a Twitter account. I went through your bullet list and see the same with me;

    I have 4 out of my 8 characters who only craft for gold, but now that my bank is full of gold, pointless. Can't make armors and weapons for new users because they cannot receive them in mail or trade. The typical new user is level 40 something, before they can trade and talk. Crafting is like chasing the wind.

    I said my good-bye to our Foundry back in the Fall of last year. In case anyone missed that, I told an online story of the Neverwinter repository of books being burned to the ground. Yet they will continue to lead us on with vague promises to bring it back. If they ever do, it will never be the same as it was before.

    The whales I hanged out with have generally moved on to other games. I am currently writing a campaign for Assassin's Creed and one of my whales, who just spent $200 last week on this game, told me about AC and the story mode. The only group activity I have remaining here, is our Halloween party in mid October. Basically it is contests, prizes, and fun made by the players. I can no longer find group activity - other than PUGs - all the people I knew were basically Foundry authors or whales from the guild, the alliances have dried up and there is little to no active players within the guild since last year. Unless I call someone I know by phone, I end up playing all alone.

    I plan to forge ahead keep my hope alive. So far Dr. Simon took off to Black Desert, my postman is online less frequent, guild members are gone but not forgotten, my whale friends seem to be here less often, I have 2 adult sons but they no longer care to play, and my husband is into the table top and not the PC games. I do hope things get better and you do return my friends. I will keep the light on for you. <3

  • bige03
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    what a sad state this game is in, all these posts are facts about how a large amount of us feel and how bad this game has become, and the devs do not care...
  • aron#5106
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    All valid points above but I wanted to add something different to this thread and that is that I am having fun with the game. Been playing seriously for 5 months after a 4 year break. New account so started from scratch.

    I did get the Legion Guard's set and I'm getting ready for TOMM. Doing TIC for the hat currently. Finished the forger's box on my main before mod 19.

    The only complaint I have at the moment is that the dungeon rewards are awful. I have gotten one Trobriand's ring and one rare polar bear cub since I started playing again. The rest of my loot has been from Zok boxes or lockboxes.
  • aron#5106
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    And after a mere 5mths your already 'getting ready for TOMM' and doing IC. You understand some players have been here for many years and taken no breaks(even though they maybe should), and have yet to get into TOMM, let alone an IC run. Personally.....i don't believe reaching 'end-game' should be that simple a process to achieve, but that's just me....regardless of prior knowledge or experience of the game. But that's a topic for another thread for sure.

    I went kinda hardcore with the corona lockdown and I knew what to do from before. Mostly waiting for a reroll token to reroll to metallic ancestry dragonborn for the +3% dmg before i start doing TOMM.

    Wouldn't call it a simple process. Just hardcore gaming.

    I really miss doing dungeons for ad. We would do 4 or 5 CN runs back in the day, sell the loot and then split it 5 ways.
  • gwhryr
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    don´t know how many maps...

    I got
    252 Firesmith's Hammer
    5 Main hands
    0 off hand

    ty cryptic...its ridiculous
  • critslain#7719
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    Although I'm not as far into my adventures as most of you but I have experienced the horrendous layers of RNG in Neverwinter the chult hunts being one example.

    I fail to see the point in spending my time & money building an awesome toon only to be scaled back every time I queue up!

    Ultimately we are all on this planet for a limited amount of time and I refuse to waste another minute of mine on this unrewarding ridiculous RNG.

    Not one official response on this thread giving us a reason as to why the RNG odds are so low.
  • xenocide#6119
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    The worst part is that you have a very good chance at getting multiples of the legion gaurd weapons which means you could need to hit that 1% jackpot 3 or 4 times over. Maybe more if you are unlucky
  • callumf#9018
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    Imo the best answer to that idiotic map issue is: don't do it.

    There is the odd rule that, whenever something is kinda good or in somebodies build or somebody mentioned it while streaming, or it offers you half a % dmg over somebody you gotta do it. I know weaps and weap dmg is a huge deal. Makes me wanna do it even less because they obviously don't give a damn.

    The only answer to poor content (rewards are a part of that imo) is not playing it. There are people that have been farming maps for 12+ hours a day. Stop.

    If Bel is driving you nuts and you don't wanna farm it for the last rod anymore, stop.

    I know, I "need" it to run some HAMSTER - only that I don't. If I am offended by content choices, I have to walk away from them.

    What is really not so smart design is/was last or hardest hit steals it all, insurgs and Mog/Gary.

    Wonderful thinking from everybody that loves lecturing players over how mmos are supposed to work, that I get punished for running something with my friends (or even others in the instance, imagine strangers helping eachother... Lol weird I know..) and should rather try finding an empty instance. Thats what could really set me off... So I better stop

    This. Totally. Please stop doing RNG on RNG quests, ignore it and maybe someone will take notice.

    I cant stand the frustration of RNG on RNG to get a shiny new thing, which has been the way goodies have been given to players since Riverdistrict onwards. Remember the lures fiasco in Chult?

    I only play stuff I enjoy, and if I get something nice as a bi-product then yay me. So I have opened maybe 10 treasure maps, got 1 il 1225 piece whihc is literally a piece of HAMSTER, and one firesmith hammer thing.

    But yeah, RNG on RNG, good luck with that
  • nemesis19881988
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    legion set is not even 1% i open all my maps over 400+ 0 weapon what a waste of time
  • nemesis19881988
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    so for the next 20/21 mod ppl will farm like robots for this imbosible legion weapons without have a chance to get it
  • burnthedead#7732
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    Having to Lay Off my Craftspeople...

    The double random generator on Avernus maps is twice as frustrating as the Dented Rod grind, as map drops themselves are a rarity, grinding some of the toughest mobs in the game. Then you face the 1 % drop rate on 2 pieces of Legion gear. ( See all previous posts )

    I feel there needs to be a policy established to prevent double RNG. It's always going to be a magnet for controversy, why continue to aggravate your player base?

    Further, it might be a good time as suggested, to infuse crafting into the mix. Drops become relevant again, and all that scrap metal can give you a pimped ride, or armor.

    Just a way to point in several directions with each step. New Mods may include: A combo of RNG drops, craftable supplies and gear, quest items and possibly Boons, with new currency, and prized drops inclusive.
    Crafting already has the +1 component, and a sellable item would improve interest enormously.

    With the current pandemic situation, I think you have delivered a reasonably exciting mod, though Zariel is beyond the reach of almost all. Just the gear chase alone seems to be popular though brutal. I just wish the new mod was more expansive.

    Stay Safe All TVM.