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xhyperphlexxxhyperphlexx Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Greetings All...

I am sorry if there is a post answering this question, or if I am posting in the wrong forum.

I am looking for some explanation or breakdown of the Dungeon Scoreboard info. Of course, some of it is obvious, such as most damage done, or times fallen...and the rest may be obvious to all but me. So, if someone here would, it would be awesome to get a true meaning for each of the other categories. Such as damage absorbed...I presume it means something like how much damage was absorbed to no detrement such as with a Barkshield... Someone please give the definitive final definition of each of the categories.



  • sagakaiyume#0847 sagakaiyume Member Posts: 277 Arc User
    Damage absorbed counts any damage dealt that isn't direct hp damage, such barkshield, pally/warlock shield, temp hp from things like wheel of elements, shielded hp using stamina and so on.

    Healing, this counts using mass scroll, increasing max hp, things like pally tank's daily which when healed, others are healed for half counts for their's instead of the person healing them. Anything that results in a green number.

    Damage taken counts any hp damage received, including self damage.

    Damage dealt does take into account companion's damage.

    Times fallen does not take into account things like falling off platforms. Last hit has to be done by a DoT or enemy.

    Enemies defeated, just whoever got the last hit on mobs.
  • xhyperphlexxxhyperphlexx Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    @sagakaiyume#0847 Thanks for the speedy and complete response.
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