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Well you guys completely broke HR

ninefingers222ninefingers222 Member Posts: 141 Arc User
edited July 2020 in PvP Discussion
The game was actually pretty close to being balanced, but the changes to Trapper HR have tilted that balance once again, the CC they have is ridiculously overpowered, the game doesn't need no skill endless CC's, please have a look at this ASAP, I don't give it a month before all the flavor of the month players make the switch, it is gonna be fun to have 2 HR's in every game, and not being able to move or even get a skill off .
Also the new weapons will make this so much worse, as HR will be able to build stacks faster than most, it might be worth mentioning some classes will not even be able to build the stacks at all, due to their long CD's .
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  • kaudilhokaudilho Member Posts: 70 Arc User
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  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 817 Arc User
    Please, make any additional balance changes to the roots valid only for PvP.

    As a PvE player I am glad that my Hunter is finally able to outdps equally geared pally tank in a dungeon. And roots are one of the main sources of damage.
  • zdusker#9409 zdusker Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    In fact, I play HR and I agree that it is very strong in PVP, but in PVE it is very good to play and as in the past you need to know how to play very well with the class to apply this damage. If I could just switch to pvp (the duration of rooting) and leave it like this in PVE it would be perfect
  • tonyvincenttonyvincent Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 123 Arc User
    The CC from roots are too strongh and making i.e. PvP not fun at all
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  • revovlerjesus1revovlerjesus1 Member Posts: 481 Arc User
    Yes, the roots is to strong, but so is the selfheal from gwf, the insane damage from SWs, 1 shot trs and dont get me started on dps dcs.. Atm it seems we either need 1M hitpoint to play or some tenacity back.
  • ninefingers222ninefingers222 Member Posts: 141 Arc User

    this is why their idea of making pvp it's own system ala the chicken pvp is a good idea. there are almost no pvp players compared to pve players. making a class that is perfectly balanced for the majority unbalanced for the minority to be happy doesn't make a lot of sense.

    There is no world in which that is a good idea for the core PvP community, and it is bold of you to assume there will not be inbalance in said new mode, I don't want to speak for the rest of us, I personally see it as an insult, the devs are so far out of touch with what the PvP community needs, it is no surprise this is what they are going for, and this has been true for pretty much every module that was touted to bring change to PvP, Icewind dale check, Stronghold PvP check, is any one surprised that half baked concepts brought to the game flop?
    PvP is actually pretty close to being balanced, we aren't asking for perfect balance, mostly fixes at this point, like fixing invisible smoke bombs or making sure a class doesn't have a 8-10 second long back to back stuns .

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  • teucer#3019 teucer Member Posts: 198 Arc User
    I agree with a lot of what you are stating but I am siding with @thefiresidecat on this matter. PvP is always an issue each mod.
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  • ninefingers222ninefingers222 Member Posts: 141 Arc User

    I agree with a lot of what you are stating but I am siding with @thefiresidecat on this matter. PvP is always an issue each mod.

    I don't disagree with that, and I'm not saying damage needs to be nerfed, I'm saying the cc needs to be fixed, this doesn't effect pve really as most bosses are immune to cc, also fixing things like invisible smoke bombs would have zero impact on pve, not all changes that help PvP hurt PvE, at least if it is done smartly .

    Essence of Aggression, OG PvP GWF
  • kir4me8604#8436 kir4me8604 Member Posts: 64 Arc User

    if you feel so strongly, you must know the answer to the question as to why in the world the Wizard's Shield was reduced to a laughable joke with horrible animations that have left that power breathtakingly useless and ridiculous to use in PVE..... Did a monster complain that the shield was too OP??? Did a boss submit a ticket??? I'll wait. Oh, but I do remember seeing players using Shield in crazy, unforgiving ways in PVP.... I did, get my HAMSTER handed to me, as a Wizard, by a PVP Wizard with OP Shield.... taking absolutely no damage. Therefore, why you still fight for this balance just know that the class suffers in the end. All these changes and we still don't have true SYNERGY among the Classes.

    So if the HRs are getting CCs that are OP, Wizards are waiting on those CCs to make their way back into our class as well.

    PS: Gives us back our lightning animations (storm spell) from the HRs as well lol (im serious) lol
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