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    Console related QoL Improvements

    Description and Goal: Allow to change UI elements size. Currently, user interface on console takes up a lot of space compared to the PC version with the same resolution. At least it would be nice to have a slider to change the font size
    Area of Impact: UI
    Risks & Concerns: None because it would be configurable by user

    Description and Goal: Add options to enable / disable message time stamp, full sender name (with PSN ID). This will allow better identification of the message
    Area of Impact: Chat
    Risks & Concerns: None because it would be configurable by user

    Description and Goal: Add option to disable transparent effect of minimap during combat. Currently, this effect disturbs instead of helping in some cases
    Area of Impact: UI
    Risks & Concerns: None because it would be configurable by user

    Description and Goal: Expand sorting options. Currently, e.g. Change Instance window has only sorting by number of instance (min to max) and number of players (max to min). It should also have opposite sorting options
    Area of Impact: UI
    Risks & Concerns: None

    Description and Goal: Add an option to view more currently active buffs / debuffs. The PC version organized it better, the hard limit of only 4 displayed buffs on the console is definitely too low
    Area of Impact: UI
    Risks & Concerns: None because it would be configurable by user

    Description and Goal: Allow chat to be opened using the Enter key on the keyboard and allow sending messages using it
    Area of Impact: easy of use, chat
    Risks & Concerns: None
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    adinosii said:

    Idea #1 Make special inventory bag sizes more realistic.

    The size of the Material Satchel is totally unrealistic. It is not large enough to hold even one stack of every material (partly because of regular and +1 versions of crafting materials), which forces crafters to use various inconvenient measures, such as using the mail system as secondary storage, or have alts whose only purpose in life is to hold lesser-used materials for the primary crafter. If the size of the material satchel was increased by 50-70 slots, this inconvenience could be avoided. (On the flip side, the fashion item bag size is excessive, now that we can convert fashion items to apperance items. In fact, the fashion bag as such is kind-of unnecessary.

    The impact of this depends on what you do about crafting in the furture...it is not relevant if crafting stays useless. I do not see any special risks if this is implemented.
    The satchel is unrealistically big because the amount of materials are insane. This is a clear and obvious problem which just gets worse and worse over time as more things pile on. They need to trash like 80% of the materials and even then it will look crazy for anyone who did not had to get used to it. Also most of it becomes useless as you get lvl 80. So I don't want more space to glaze at to find one common item between thousand, I want actual QoL improvement over pushing the issue for a later date.
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    I’d like to see the implementation of a legacy vendor of sorts, that exclusively sells some of the older transmutes, or old gear that we could convert into our item library.
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    Description and Goal: Make all roles (heal, tank, dps) can play fairly in campaign and progress the same way between all roles. Some class have dps and tank path or dps and heal path, or all dps path but no dps path for paladin only heal and tank.
    Area of Impact: Remove damage reduction for all tank roles in campaign zone and only apllied damage reduction inside dungeon and trial, because tank don't want dps crying over paingiver rank.
    Risks & Concerns: you tell me
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    Description and Goal: Update tooltips on all packs/Events containing enchanting stones and mark of potency. Many old packs still use Ultimate, Greater.... etc. Dread Ring schedule is inconsistent, weekdays have the stones linked, however the weekend uses the old naming scheme.
    Area of Impact: Consistency between old and new assets. Clarity for newer players who do not understand the old naming scheme.
    Risks & Concerns: Lots of tooltips to review...
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    Make one practice dummy in every group control immune.

    Some powers/abilities have a separate effect on control immune targets and it is needlessly difficult to test those.
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    Filter items by a type in bank store

    After a few years of playing and buy many bank slot upgrades it becomes quite hard to find something in your bank store. While in the inventory you at least have a separation to multiple bags, ability to scroll instantly to certain bag by clicking on him at bottom of inventory, some filters in Display options and so on, the bank store is just one big (14x8 in case of my main character) grid of slots.

    As one of the ways to make navigation here a bit more comfortable, you can add a row of tabs showning only certain type of items in the bank. For example, [ All, Gear, Enchantments, Refinement (Marks, Stones, Wards), Consumables, Hunt trophies & lures … Misc ]. It will be even better if we will be able to create and rename these tabs by our own (similar to how we can do it in guild banks). For example, I'm creating "Avernus maps" tab and dragging all maps from the main tab to that one.

    Area of Impact: Personal and Shared Bank interface

    Risks & Concerns: Probably none beside some possible bugs.
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    Description and Goal: Allow Dragon Empire Treasures for Stronghold coffer donation as Treasures of Tyranny.

    Reason: Treasures of Tyranny (voucher) is the only campaign currency that cannot be "crafted" (umlike Fey Trinkets, Dark Gifts and Frozen Treasures). Dragon Empire Treasures should be worth 1000 as the others are.

    Area of Impact: ToD Campaign page, Stronghold coffer.

    Risks & Concerns: None.
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    Description and Goal: Make "crafted" Campaign currencies and Shards BtA instead of BtC.

    Reason: Some guilds limit the number of members per account. If one guild does not need a resource, allow transfer to an alt whose guild DOES need it.

    Area of Impact: ToD, Sharandar, Dread Ring, Icewind Dale Campaign pages
    Stronghold Cleric, Ranger, Builder, Master of Coin quest rewards

    Risks & Concerns: None.
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    Description and Goal: Have a Stronghold vendor who trades in campaign currencies/Shards. Permanent seems easier than Transient (e.g. the Recruiter). Should accept Guild Marks in trade as well.

    Reason: One can have a lot of one resource when the Guild needs another.

    Area of Impact: Stronghold

    Risks & Concerns: Need for a new location, or add function to an existing vendor.
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    micky1p00 said:

    I'll just list some stuff, and format it later.

    • Ability to summon guild mimic as part of ViP.

    • Ability to swap guilds in alliance without all the break alliance, and rebuild.

    • Ability to hotkey swap powers on the power slots (not whole loadouts, just an encounter for example)

    • Ability to move players from group to group in a large queue group, for example in trials. Somewhat similar to how players can be moved in PvP queue.

    • Having a dummy with set HP, for example 20%, 50% and so on.. per zone with the zone counter stats.

    • Account wide professions inventory.

    • Option to increase shared bank.

      Account shared RP.

      Notification when ZEN was exchanged (the top menu icon should light up).

    • Various mail enhancements like, sending mails to multiple people, guild ranks. Deleting mass mails, like empty AH mails. and so on.

    • Custom channels MoTD that never worked in its life.

      Inventory search / filter - type item and it should dimm non relevant, highlight relevant

    • Friends list search / filter - like in custom channels or the social search - now it's easier to search in social among all players than looking through the friends list.

    • Option to add text note to a characters in the loading screen.

    • Tooltip (or any other) Indicator if a shop item already exists on the character, for example fashion or mounts - For example there is no easy way to check if event items already bought on a char or not, especially with fashion (appearance) and mount systems.

    • AH - cost per items column (price / number of items in a stack)

    Kudos, great ideas as usual, highlighted a couple of very important ones imho, and adding a couple more:

    Description and Goal: increase boon plot available for Strongholds, to allow different combinations without having to switch guild
    Area of Impact: Stronghold
    Risks & Concerns: guilds with incomplete structures might not be not so happy, but having additional plots will have a way lower impact than increase boons level. As a compensation a cost reduction for GH <20 or having the chance to move less useful resources to the most needed ones will help greatly.

    Description and Goal: separating "cosmetic" from "functional" races, that will encourage diversity while choosing a fashion without sacrificing in game performances.
    Area of Impact: race choice is more based on the bonuses than esthetic reasons.
    Risks & Concerns: having the chance to have both a cosmetic and a functional race rather than just remove racial bonuses will prevent who already bought some premium race to feel having wasted AD/Zen

    Description and Goal: bind enchantment to loadout not to gear (same as bonding runestones)
    Area of Impact: characters
    Risks & Concerns: none
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    Description and Goal : Eliminate the delineation of Shards when it comes to questing and consumption by mimic in Stronghold.

    Reason : Currently there is a discrepancy between how many Shards can be earned daily between different Stronghold quests, creating a bottleneck and pain point for Guilds wishing to advance. This difference is not recognized when purchasing packs where each is treated equally. This leads to long gaps in advancement and eventually apathy when it comes to SH building because of the perceived gaps in progression. If all shards were treated as one type, progression and choice to how to achieve progression would be a personal choice.

    Area of Impact: Stronghold

    Risks and Concerns: The purchase packs may actually be undervalued adding 400 shards versus 100 of each type. Guilds would probably be able to complete leveling in under 24 months.
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    1) Account wide "containers" for companions and mounts with the contents of each character's current "containers" merged into the account-wide version, taking the highest rank companion if duplicates. Main reason, ALPHA COMPY and Leg mounts. Account claimable is a messy variant, but allows for more profit by reselling what we already have to gain the "extra feature" of being account claimable, this will make the claims vendor a mess over time.

    Risk and Concern: bugs in the process of changing the database, possible loss in revenue from the few players that spend money on multiple toons that may or may not be gained by having a more player friendly game.

    2) Make changing gear easier w.r.t. swapping enchantments. This could be achieved by associating the enchantment slots with the character as opposed to the gear, but this also doesn't make sense w.r.t. Armor and Weapon enchantments from a concept point of view.

    Risk and Concerns: OMG Happy players!


  • the1truehunter
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    1.Customizable Armor/Weapon enchantments effects

    Description and Goal: Since I am deeply interested in having as much character customization options I would like to see a slot in appearance tab that will allow me to choose the effect for my weapon/armor. The goal is to have more diversity in appearance regarding what effect your toon would wear.
    Area of Impact: Visual / Appearance / Customization
    Risks & Concerns: Many people don t like to use effects while playing and that may not satisfy their needs necesarily but for other people will be a nice feature.

    2.Customizable Companion Appearance (works only for augments)

    Description and Goal: It will allow you to choose a different skin for your summoned augment companion without having to replace the bonus. We often choose the augment companion that fits our needs but we don t necesarily like the skin or maybe we want to use a different look for it. The goal as the previous ideea requests is to have a variety in our appearance.
    Area of Impact: Visual / Appearance / Customization
    Risks & Concerns: Feature won`t fit the non-augmented companions due to their atack animations/effects.

    3.Head pieces for dragonborns (metallic included)

    Description and Goal:Since you put the metallic dragonborn in the Zen store I expect more people to choose this race even if it comes with some cons regarding customization. It would be really nice if you will develop in future appearance that will also include this race.
    Area of Impact: Visual / Appearance / Customization
    Risks & Concerns: The models should be applyed to a standard head box for dragonborns to make the developement process possible.

    4.Tier System for Bounty Master`s Shops

    Description and Goal: Completing different tasks in each map zone will unlock new tier rewards in Bounty Master`s Shops allowing you to spend earned currencys for goodies like exclusive mount skins/appearance items/consumables. It will increase the player`s interest in revisiting the old areas.
    Area of Impact: Gameplay.
    Risks & Concerns: The tasks should be atractive, non-repetitive and the rewards should worth the time/effort in order to succeed.

    5.Stashable reroll tokens

    Description and Goal: The goal is having player more involved in playing the game doing raids. Many people avoid to play more than 2/3 dungeons /day because it requires too much time/effort for worthless rewards. The gambling system is often frustrating and majority won`t pay ad to reroll even if they get a Blood Ruby after 20/30 minute of time play. If this ideea would be implemented, it may require that all the loots obtained using reroll tokens should be BtA to avoid Economy Colapse.
    Area of Impact: Gameplay.
    Risks & Concerns:People with more characters will have more reroll tokens with may create a disconfort for some people. The thing is a dungeon completion is required to reroll a chest so the time will be the same. A solution is to limit the number of reroll tokens an account can get per day. Removing the character daily claim won`t please people that plays multiple toons because it requires more time and funds to keep all of them up to date.

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    Description and Goal.
    Display of a global “Neverwinter Time” in addition to the local time for more convenient scheduling.

    A nice part of an MMO is to play with people all over the world. Of course they live in different time zones. If you want to meet at a specific time (for dungeons, trial training, or just to socialize) finding the “right” time for everyone in his/her time zone is cumbersome. Because you only see your local time in-game, you need to use external time zone converters (and know in which time zone everyone is…) or say something like “we’ll meet 3 hours after day change”.

    In my opinion, it would be convenient to use the general concept of “x after day change” if we could refer to a global Neverwinter time (that already exists, because, there is a global day change etc.). With that, everyone can see/calculate for themselves in-game what time a meeting will be at.

    Area and Impact.
    The global time could appear if you hover over the local time (under the mini-map) in tool tip-like form, so there is no need to redesign the map/time visuals.

    Risk / Concerns.
    None. The global Neverwinter time is a server-side thing that already exists.
    If people want to use the global time, they can with hovering over the local time. If the don’t want to use it, they still have their local time.
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    Description of Goal:
    Implement 'Sharandar-style' no-dismount mechanics in all instance/zone transitions (don't dismount player because they change instances/zones)

    Area of Impact:
    Ease of use (click reduction)

    Risks & Concerns:
    If implemented it should be everywhere a player is allowed to be mounted, including dungeons. Consistency of implementation is key. The only exception would be instances where player cannot use a mount (quest mini-dungeons).
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    Description of Goal:
    Complete implementation of game design change
    Mod 15 introduced +1 crafting materials but Master Craft quest NPCs and guild coffers were not updated to accept the items (fixed 9 months later).

    Mod 15 added Ebony Logs to Skyhold Explorer Case but quest in Journal was never updated to add Ebony Logs to list (and drop rate is skewed in favor of items less used in crafting).

    Mod 16 changed various character stats - Auction House was never updated to reflect those changes.

    Mod 16 Paradyne changes imposed DPS/Healer/Tank roles on classes, but sub-level 80 equipment (crafted or dropped) was not created to align equipment stat choices with role needs. Crafted equipment is lacking for Hunter/Ranger, Cleric(healer), Warlock(healer), Barbarian (tank), Fighter (tank) and Paladin (healer) for many levels.

    Some dungeons require groups of 10 or 20, but the party/group mechanism is limited to 5.

    Zen store made arbitrary changes to bag names (making them less D&D and confusing) but Improved/Runic names were preserved (fortunately) within game.

    Dungeons/Skirmishes were removed from game or placed in queue system, yet NPCs still remain in zone advertising the existence of the removed game element

    Summary: Changes in game design should consider the entire existing game, not just the 'new' modules and their impact to all areas of the game considered. If chosen, the change should be implemented everywhere so there is less player confusion

    Area of Impact:
    Ease of Use

    Risks & Concerns:
    Tedious Quality Assurance checking of all aspects of the game prior to release
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    Description and Goal: implement a day/night system (and if possible use also dusk and dawn) in maps with open sky (it's useless in maps like mantol derith and undermountain) like in barovia.
    link it to server time and make it all maps the same (in all maps in all instance it's night, day etc), 1 day (in game) =1 h in real time.
    would be nice if we can get specific enemies that can take advantage from one situation or from another and same thing with races.

    you can put here alot of stuff, some mob can spawn only at night, day or dawn/dusk, some mob can have more deflection when it's night, other can have more defense when it's day, undead mod resurrect when it's dusk, or simply mob teleport on dusk/dawn.
    tr have 3 times stealth regeneration at night, gith, drow, don't get debuff from night, dusk and dawn; human have more x in daytime, etc

    Area of Impact: graphical and depth of world building

    Risks & Concerns: a lot of adjustment to be done on old maps even if not considering the idea of adapting mob and only changing the texture to day-night (dusk and dawn), creating a game-wide time system (like suggested by elwing)

    i really liked when there is an event that change the aspect of PE, or the BHE that bring the night in WOD.
    i loved the idea of barovia with day-night, mob and quest specific for night, the night terror
    this would be the next step: bring that to all the compatible maps (not : somi (so north that there is only an eternal twilight), mantol derith and undermountaun, dread ring (where the night is artificially created by red wizard),... ) and not only at night give something special to 'day' mob/quest, a day/night specific bosses, day/night specific heroics.
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    Description of Goal:
    Add Tooltips to material icons in remote Delivery Box view
    Many of the icons chosen for materials are very similar in appearance, especially when viewed on high-res monitor where they are smaller. Without a tooltip, it is difficult to distinguish a Mithral Ingot from a Cobalt or Steel one as an example. If both items are produced, it is hard to determine from the Delivery Box view how many of each are done.

    Area of Impact:
    Ease of Use

    Risks & Concerns:
    Will add another level of complexity to a clunky interface implementation.
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    A separate tab like the Fashion and Vanity Pets but for mounts insignias only~
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    Description of Goal:
    Assure that system alerts, such as "Trying to Reconnect" or "Disconnected from Server, retrying in m:ss" are on *top* of all layers of the window.
    Currently, the system alerts regarding connectivity are behind:
    - NPC Merchant Buy/Sell panels
    - Crafting workbench interface
    - Workshop Gathering Dispatch panel
    - Tyranny regional Dragon health bars (red bar on top)
    - WoD Dark of Night Boss Health Bar

    The most annoying is the Workbench and NPC interface where the user is clicking to spend Morale or buy something and there is no reaction ... and no apparent reason given because it is hidden by the interface panel.

    Area of Impact:
    non-gameplay mechanic, graphics

    Risk & Concerns
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    adinosii said:

    Idea #3. Get rid of BtC in most cases

    I would like to see BtC drops removed in most cases, except when they are character-specific quest rewards. A good example is Alyssa's boxes and vanity pets from various sources. Making all such items BtA instead of BtC would make receiving duplicates less frustrating and would encourage people to play their alts more.

    Impact should generally be positive....no significant system impact, and no obvious risks. Note that I am only talking about items that drop as BtC - not items that bind to character when equipped...those are fine - I am just asking for more flexibility in moving misc. items to appropriate alts when they are received.
    I second this, but would like to go one further, by suggesting that unless something is quest specific, that any all drops from all sources(examples Gift of Simril, Bel Rings, Vanity pets etc...) should all be tradeable and unbound on pick up, BtA on equip. I have a gazillion vanity pets that I don't want, and I can't do anything with. It's stupid, I don't care about vanity pets, but I know others do. Let me sell them for AD on the AH. Same goes the character bound stuff from Gift of simril, at worst it should be BtA, at best let me sell my extra worthless comps that I don't need cuz I already have one that matches the one that drops. I can't use it on that character, but might be able to on another, or at least want to sell it for AD, or trade for something I do want.

    I do remember a time when mounts and comps were BtA, I know for a fact that I moved one or 2 less than ideal mounts and comps to an alt shortly after I started playing on Xbox in spring 2018. Now We can't do that.
    I like this as well but would like to add in 2 things.

    1) Anything that is bought at a Vendor/Store with a currency that you can grind for like seals, campaign currency, etc... (Not trade bars) should be Bound to Account. Anything that drops from RNG should be unbound.

    2) I think this is really the only game that I've played that has a Collection tab to tell you where you can grind out something you really want except for many of the companions and mounts. I would like to recommend that many of the companions and mounts be placed in a few vendors in several of the campaigns we have in game. This would allow some people to be able to grind out certain items instead of hoping for a random drop from an end game dungeon.

    People need to set goals for themselves. This is what keeps people around. Take the treasure maps in mod 19. All you would have to do is add in a currency that drops from the treasure chests and have a vendor with all the items that it can drop with set values. And I would also like to recommend changing the drop rate. Maybe make it once every 10 mins you get a map. Then, every chest you open will give you between 1-5 new currency. Then have all the items in the vendor have a set price of *insert whatever value here* ( we will just say 1000 for easy math). Now, if you have a 20% chance at each of the amounts to drop from 1-5 it would take you anywhere between 200-1000 maps. avg being about 330-340. People who get lucky and get the drop for the chest would have an unbound item. People who buy it from the Vendor would have an Account bound item. (Also make it so you can buy stuff for your other classes at the Vendor...Just like the seal vendor)

    Just my 2 cents.

    All the best,

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    It was probably mentioned here already, but 2 things that would be very interesting for VIP and new players.

    1. Add VIP feature to summon Guild Mimic to donate resources.

    This would be a pure QoL improvement for VIP members and could easily replace Teleport to Moonstone Mask feature.

    There's no risks associated with this.

    2. Update Enchantments and Runestones.

    Currently Ranks 1-4 are completely useless and Rank 5 is used by some people while leveling, maybe. These ranks should be removed and Rank 6 renamed 1 with the same stats, as current Rank 6 (600 stats on single stats enchant) and carry on up to Rank 10, which would have 2400 stat on single stats enchants. (currently Rank 15). This would make it clear for new players and make it more intuition based.

    There's no risks associated with this, apart from reworking the name of all enchants, since stats stay the same. All Enchantments used currently in game of Rank 1-5 would be automatically changed to R6 level and then renamed R1.
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    Description and Goal: Make crafting bag much bigger.
    With all professions in active use, plus components for item restore, the current crafting bag will go full even if you have no duplicate stacks of items. There really is no gameplay reason why this bag should be full, it is just annoying. Making the crafting bag bigger would improve game quality of life.

    Area of Impact: Ease of use for crafting and item restoration.
    Risks & Concerns: Would require increased space in your database. But I guess it is many many years since storage space expenses stopped being any real concern.
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