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Alliance Kick/Leaving issues

mord#3639 mord Member Posts: 36 Arc User
I am the leader of the Helm guild in my alliance and we are currently in the middle of a merger with another alliance. The new system to prevent guild theft seems to have messed up our ability to remove guilds from the current alliance to make space for the new guilds to come in. The 'kick from alliance' button is greyed out for myself (Helm) concerning the Sword guilds and it is greyed out for the Sword guilds concerning the Gauntlet guilds. To make matters worse, the guilds who are being removed/leaving cannot do so themselves as they have their 'Leave Alliance' button greyed out too...

As we are currently in the process of a merger, i'm sure you can understand that this is extremely frustrating for all parties involved.

Once the relevant team are notified, an update on the estimated fix time would be greatly appreciated!


  • juggarnatha#3498 juggarnatha Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    We're all functionally trapped in our alliances as they stand right now and can't move at all. This is a serious issue.
  • bananitsabananitsa Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 37 Arc User
    Apparently you can't invite a guild either as a helm or sword. @nitocris83
  • mord#3639 mord Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    edited July 8
    @nitocris83 Can we at least get some sort of acknowledgement of this bug? Have the relevant teams been notified? Is there a fix being worked on? is there an ETA on a fix? Honestly, anything would be better than the silence we are receiving here. As the Community Manager i'm sure you are aware of how much guilds and alliances are a huge part of the community experience for NW players, this isn't causing game play issues... it's a community issue that really needs addressing asap. It's effectively trapping people in a situation they do not wish to be in. No-one likes to feel trapped...
  • cryptic39#8917 cryptic39 Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 25 Cryptic Developer
    Heya, sorry about the late reply to this, but we are aware of the issue and it is currently being investigated.
  • mord#3639 mord Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    @cryptic39#8917 Thank you for the response! Hopefully it's a quick and easy fix.
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