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Video of how healing sucks via one of their own praised content streamers..

Silvery video in a group doing LOMM. I only saw barrier reach 50% just once in the entire run. Standard Arturia problems except with the change coccon being changed to being knocked out instead of full death.

My my. 2 character swaps amongst party members AND multiple cocoon based KOs where even one beforehand woulda meant wipe. Now if this mechanic is ever repeated on any future content, it is either cleric with the right rotation with the right timing, lay on hands-only pally ( that's right even TAB HEALING ISN'T ENOUGH ) or whatever mechanics for warlocks ( I don't know warlocks ). With the shields being low as heck, have fun with the HUGE damage hits that are supposed to be a heal check. And this competes with warlock barrier.


  • winteranestiwinteranesti Member Posts: 127 Arc User
    In my opinion, Players can try all they want and still take unavoidable damage that healers cannot stop and oops dead in no time no matter how much red you try to avoid. People are looking at this from a experienced player view point of someone with maxed gear/companions/bondings/rank 20 guild/ect. Experienced well geared players will not have as big of a problem as under geared players that makes up most of cryptic's player base. I tend to try to look at the bigger picture of how this will impact everything. My red flags are going off since this will kill off the mid to lower players in no time. I want to say thank you for silvery for this video.I been talking about this issue since it happened and experienced it constantly with pugs. I today just had the exact same experience in LOMM with average players..it was so bad, tons of scrolls were used as my heals were not good enough to keep them alive. In fact, my Warlock has everything maxed end game and wound up not only doing the most heals but DPS as well vs the average player. Over the years I played this game, I am trying to help cryptic to remember that it wants to keep players playing..not just create challenges for end gamers. The good news is, I can voice my opinion and not feel fearful as it seems some are afraid to speak the truth of retaliation for offending someone. I have 6 end game characters of varied rolls I play. I know a big problem when I see it, this everyone is a big problem. When I see as many deaths from my own experience and someone else shows exactly what I been talking about...that says a lot. Its not about "GET GUD" or learn to live with it, its bigger problem that is not only bad in design and implementation, but one that could damage this games player base. I feel the healers must be buffed way more then they are now. Not only does it feel really useless in game play, but chasing your tail and trying so hard to keep someone alive with tiny heals only to still loose in the end is enough to break the moral of most players and they will loose interest quickly for playing the game. For all those who think it is not a big deal, become a healer, use the basic stuff they give you and try to heal in a random. I guarantee you will not want to do it again.
  • shugenshashugensha Member Posts: 191 Arc User
    In arcturia you only need to focus on spam heals for the coccoon, charging a heal is less effective there.
    And i know it cuz i pug every day, and needed to heal even teams with tons of golems.

    Worm and Trob needs a team that KNOW what to do, otherwise you will lose all your divinity/soulweave in 5 seconds (maybe 7 with luck).
    The meta it's just a guideline. And guidelines are boring.

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  • northwind1974northwind1974 Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Just curious, how many of the DPS in that video have maxed their defensive stats, at least max defense and max crit avoidance? Glass cannons shatter easily. :) It's going to have to be a change in thinking by many dps players.
  • finmakinfinmakin Member Posts: 410 Arc User
    I see a multitude of errors in this run, we all had to learn at some point...
    But a message to the poster... Weren't we all noobs..
    I suspect a different reason from the poster..
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  • rangerreekrangerreek Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    I'm not saying that the heal changes were good. My point is that until it gets changed, or fixed however you want to word it, ALL players need to re-learn how to play those instances. I play regularly with a Pally healer who doesn't have a rnk 20 guild (rnk 10) doesn't have BIS, but has worked hard after these changes have come. It was a struggle at first but now she can keep everyone alive in LoMM. I agree that healers got the short end of the stick, I was just stating that in Silvery's video there were more problems than just my healer can't heal, and is an inaccurate representation of healing changes.

    DPS relied way too much on the over heal and shield, it was too easy. Now they have been nerfed to harshly. The answer, as always, lies some where in the middle. I hope they listen to the amount of feedback they are getting. It would be a shame for the game to lose more people.

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