More changes to healers?

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so anyone go on preview to see the new changes to healers? at this point they should just remove healer class so far 95% of the healers i currently game with are quitting healing in mod 19. so random que times are going to go way up.. as well as alot of failed dungeons because now will be stuck with less geared or experienced players. and the new stats for trial with no new gear to up current stats just make it worse. lowering cost for healing spells and lowering mag of said healing skills is going to succeed at only one thing "less healers" its hard enough on healers with the original mod 19 set up but atleast they could hit you with a big heal dc/ or a large amount of temp hp pally. now they have to cast more to keep you alive and with the dmg produced by the 3 big areas at end game (TIC/TOMM/Zariel) they will not be able to save tanks with the temp hp as it wont absorb as much dmg therefore be gone much faster then normal meaning you need to replenish it more often and be out of divinity sooner also with no ability to pray and the slow tick (3-4 seconds) of natural divinity regen (and no enchants/boons/ reinforcements to help speed that up) healers are going to struggle and suffer a great deal. this game is supposed to be fun and enjoying and while it is F2P alot of ppl have invested in the game because it was fun and enjoyable.

But with every mod/episode it gets less and less enjoyable with the issues of killing off older gear and no decent newer gear to absolutely broken content (rage of bel is completely sad and grindy with layers upon layers of RNG to get items required). and now completely destroying the healing classes for the vast majority of players (whose options are turn to tank/dps or quit playing). the game is more of a chore now then a fun and relaxing place to hang out and game with friends.

Moderator edited out political statements.

anyway i am sorry for those of us who now are just forgotten about in terms of content and are only real use to cryptic is to toss us some sales so they can fund new content for the 1%'s anyway thats how i feel but plz speak up about the healing issue i would like to hear what others think TY!
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    As far as i saw, pallys are still BiS. Yes, their shield got nerfed but are still better shields than the warlocks.
    DCs are struggling but i doubt they won't get teams.
    To give you a better idea of whats happening:
    Pallys and DCs were nerfed to "Mod 18 Soulweaver" level. And Soulweavers got even more nerfed with those changes and with a whole new kit of powers, class features and feats that are basically a bad mix of pally and DC.
    Your friends that want to change to dps/tank are smart, tbh most content (even tomm and TiC) can be done without a healer if you have the right stats, scrolls and stones.

    And this is from a Soulweaver main that is crying cuz from all the new kit they gave us, only one at-will, encounter AND class feature are worth using, and Pillar of Power is NOT one of them.

    Don't get me wrong, i am NOT defending the devs for this massive nerf, its just that as a warlock you get used to cosntant nerfs and "changes" that makes you change how you play from scracht every single HAMSTER mod.
    I doubt there won't be any one wanting to play healer (i will keep playing only cuz i put way to much effort on mine and only find enjoyable the Soulweaver.. and still have vip left..), but for sure there will be less "experimented" healers.
    All we can do is hope and wait for a "fix" that will only be good for 2 of the 3 healers but at least will bring back more players.

    Cheers, hope your friends don't quit the game.
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    Not sure why the OP have to double posts:

    Just hop onto preview server and play your heal class and give your feedback in the preview sections for healing changes. The Devs always heavy handed with changes and nerf but they do eventually adjust it to players feedback. Nothing is ever permanent, heck they might do more rework next mod.
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    finmakin said:

    Keep your Bernie Sanders rhetoric for yourself, this is not the place for expressing your political grudges,

    look its my opinion and how i see it so if you do not wish to comment on healing just move along ty
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    So as someone who's been on preview, the changes aren't THAT bad imo.

    Basically it comes down to two things:
    • Pallyheal will no longer make people immortal
    • Healing people will now take more than one cast and you'll have to keep up on people's health more
    Are there people who will quit healing because of this? Probably. Pallyhealers are no doubt going to be seriously evaluating continuing their characters since they are not massively overpowered anymore, and some SW may decide to change to DPS because some of the changes there are just downright odd. I doubt it will actually be en masse exodus of healers after people have actually tried it out and see that the Apocalypse hasn't come. It *might* even lead to there be just as much if not more healers than before since now Clerics and SW will much less ignored and many people who stopped trying to heal might give it another go.