Dented Metal Rod extremely low drop rate

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I have spent well over 120k AD on 2 different toons now & still get nothing but junk out of the so called "rewards" box. This is such a waste of time & AD. So will there be another patch to complete all the patches that have been made for each rod?? This is crazy, I have never seen so many bugs in one little release.


  • zebulondaktoid
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    It is only 5k per box and you get a companion upgrade token, so is not a total waste. I agree the drop rate is low though. I heard it was around 1.6% per box, which means you can buy hundreds, if unlucky, before getting the rod.
  • ladyxandra#4829
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    I bought 55 of them until now (I am keeping track thanks to companion tokens), and still nothing.. But I also know people who bought around 70-80 before getting it, and people who got it at the very first attempt :/ so it kinda depends on ur rng. I am unlucky as hell, so I feel you.
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    150 opened and no drop, I stopped bothering all together. I initially wanted to try and obtain it on 6 alts, but with such a low drop rate. It's just not worth the time or ad all together for me at this point to get one, let alone 6.
  • anzacnw
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    Some statistics:

    Because I didn't get a few % from insurgencies for my daily 20% I didn't reach the highest rank, which unlocks the mythic chest, on the first day possible, but I got it on the second day. Still very fast. From this day I managed to reach daily caps for infernal secrets nearly every day except for one and a half days, where I was unlucky with Bel phases. Today I've opened my 101st mythic chest - and I still haven't got the rod. For 101 chests you have to do 303 solo Bel runs and spend 505.000 AD. From Bel I've got about 7-9 +1 rings, 1-2 +2 rings, 1 +3 ring and 1 +4 ring.

    So even with extreme dedication, nearly 100% fastest possible completion it's not possible to get this rod before the next mod shows up. I absolutely understand players that just don't have the time or the motivation to run this over and over again - and just give up on getting the highest box rank.
  • admiralwarlord#3792
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    I believe that like others who are here, I have also opened more than 100 mythical boxes. I know it's random, but is there a limit equal to PW? If so, what would that limit be? Why do dropping items have to be bound char? I am even one of those who advocate more difficulty in the game, but having difficulty with an easy content rng system is very disappointing.

    Do you think I feel happy winning things that don't serve me while my ad is drained? 3x this companion (very rubbish bonus, only works in part of the new trial, not even worth upgrading) and 2 mounts, in addition to the numerous tokens, which despite being cheaper than buying at ah, I don't need them.
  • admiralwarlord#3792
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    15 days since my last post ... 15 days making this content easy to be able to complete 1 item that has already sucked me a long time in other stages and the only difficulty of the game is the RNG. The same RNG that made me win the Fane +5 ring more than 1 year after the content was released, even though I was running this content in 3 chars.

    Honestly this is tiring and frustrating.
  • magik30
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    The purpose of the rod is to make you spend DA.