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Suggestions for Updating Strongholds

jmiller84jmiller84 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 188 Arc User
We're approaching the 5th Anniversary of Module 7 Strongholds, which was released August 11, 2015. While this module was no doubt extremely grindy, and for many guilds it still is, there are now probably upwards of at least 150 guilds on PC that have reached max rank, including guilds that reached it then fizzled out for one reason or another. There are many reasons why Strongholds should get updated, but I'm just going to go over a few of them and how I'd approach them.

1. The optional content is old and lacks rewards.

Dragonflight serves very little function outside of nostalgia. The rewards haven't been upgraded and green/blue vouchers just isn't enough incentive to run it, let alone farm it. Marauders can only be run once per toon per week for Influence rewards, but also only gives basic white vouchers as rewards regardless of how many waves you defeat. For a bit of fun a couple years ago we tested to see how far we could go within our alliance. We got to I think Wave 35 before we decided to agree to end. The first 30 waves took like 90 minutes and the following 5 took another 90 minutes. The end result, a bunch of low value basic white vouchers.

2. Not enough Boon options.

Right now you can only build 4 Boon Structures. They become available at Ranks 5, 9, 13 and 17. Using the same math, every 4 GH ranks a Boon Plot is unlocked, if SH were upgraded to GH25 there could be 2 new Boon Plots unlocked at GH21 and GH25.

3. Campaign Currency Overflow.

There are no campaign currencies required for upgrades beyond Module 5. All upgrades beyond 20/10 would require currency from Maze Engine, Underdark, Storm King's Thunder, Cloaked Ascendancy, Chult and Ravenloft. This would make some older necessary to play again if you want to rank up your SH to GH25, which in turn creates more instances that will allow newer players to complete certain quests without having to wait around for an hour until a certain Heroic Encounter spawn in the 1 open instance.

4. Community Building and Bonding

This is arguably the most important factor in an update to Strongholds, building and bonding a community. I can really only speak for myself with this, but when my guild was building our Stronghold it was definitely a great bonding experience. Multiple times a day we'd have 10-12 guildies run thru 3 rounds of 3 Major Heroic Encounter, commonly referred to as bHE's now, and this allowed everyone in the guild to not just feel like they were part of the community, but to actually see that participation go towards building and making the guild stronger. I've had numerous guildies tell me in the 3.5 years since we reached GH20 that those were some of the best times they've had playing Neverwinter and those runs helped them build in-game relationships that are just as strong today as they were 3-4 years ago. While I can't say I miss the grind of building our SH, it was an incredible bonding experience.

Back when Strongholds first came out there were relatively large gaps in time between mods, especially mods that featured adventuring zones. Mod 8 & 9 didn't feature actual adventuring zones, but did bring us 2 skirmishes, a trial and a reworked dungeon. People did grind that content chasing certain pieces of gear, but almost everyone on the server was still building their SH so they had tons of other content they could go run to get resources to donate.

I don't say this lightly, but if SH were given an update it might give the devs a little bit of breather in terms of new content release and quality control. If all of a sudden all the players in GH20's had to go quest in various campaign zones again to get currencies for upgrades, which does include myself, there would almost always be something productive for players to do and keep them engaged in the game. This would allow the developers time to fine tune future content and possibly fix some longstanding bugs.

Anyways, just this guys thoughts.
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    corsair#6764 corsair Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    A couple of specific changes I'd like to see (coming at this from the perspective of a leader of a small guild):
    1. Combine those wretched shard (Heroic, Adventurers, etc.) types into a single form. Needing thousands for even mid-level upgrades and each char only able to earn 10/day? Pain - ful.
    2. I really like just about everything the OP has said. With regard to newer mods, it makes sense that SKT currencies should be donatable as Frozen Treasures.
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    durgan#5731 durgan Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    I'd really like to see the Jubilee vendor available year round, whatever they choose to call it. This allows a guild to focus down a specific material, that has a chokehold on a guild's ability to progress in structure building. Whether or not we release a SH level 25 or not, any guild willing to put in the effort to build a boon choice, should have that available. Boon builds are a grind, so there's no reason not to allow players wanting to focus their toons in a particular path to do so. I'd also like to see Alliance leaders be able to donate their stored materials to smaller guilds if they want to. Maybe at a 25% loss from 'bandits' as the materials are transported from guild hall to guild hall. RO's a maxed guild, so there's no reason why I couldn't donate wood or even tyranny points to a lower level guild that's struggling. The present system is limited and more of a catch as catch can thing. Also, for all that's holy, revamp the Helm system so that once a guild reaches 20, if an alliance wants to choose another Helm for the bonuses, it's not a nightmare over a dozen time zones and a complete 'mother may I' to get this done. We've done this a couple times, and it's horrifically disruptive to dissolve the entire Alliance and hope everyone wanders back to the fold. Guilds are made up of people, and not all of them play 24/7.
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    greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 7,120 Arc User
    There are 4 vendor stands. Why can't the stands that generate resources for the stronghold be called up multiple times at once? Would love to have 4 recruiters up when needing Influence.
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