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Soul Investiture (some venting and goodbye)

malakay#8027 malakay Member Posts: 17 Arc User
Does it last 20 seconds? I have never seen it x5 other than hitting the stick, in ToMM keeps dying, Warlock is not bad, but below the dps all other classes, again... Im done, im BIS player have everything and feel like HAMSTER playing the game, arround 100 rerrols after i quit the game, im just sad when i play, so im done with it, not going to expect for you to fix it anymore, unbalance you love it, as warlock i can say you made me sad a lot, i try to fight thru it but im done, worst healer, and one of the worst dps, if the objective was to make us look bad, you got it! Gratz


  • werdandi#8366 werdandi Member Posts: 311 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    On mod 19, stacking SI is way easier: almost every encounter procs a soul puppet. But I understand the frustration.
    And warlock healer is very good too.
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