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Bound to character companion gear bug

wddwxywddwxy Member Posts: 11 Arc User
I had a 12k critical strike piece of companion gear I had obtained from stardock and when I was using this piece on another character it changed from bound to account to bound the character. This shouldn't happen as I had switched these pieces of gear to and from different characters to use multiple times with no problem. I tried to get help from support to replace this item as this is clearly not working as intended, to no avail.


  • nic1985nic1985 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 227 Arc User
    @wddwxy By any chance you slotted a Bound to Character item on the gear? If you slot a bound to character item on a gear, it makes the gear bound to character.
  • wddwxywddwxy Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    @nic1985 No, the only thing I slotted into the companion equipment was 2 empowered R15 runestones, which I've been switching back and forth between characters for weeks.

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