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unable to sell all treasure after patch

psychoticsatyrpsychoticsatyr Member Posts: 195 Arc User
speak with vendor, click on gear bottom right of inventory, menu appears and disappers instantly can't click on sell all trash / treasure after opening 500 QM bags :(


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    corsair#6764 corsair Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited May 2020
    I'm seeing this same problem on each char I've tried it on.

    The menu appearing/disappearing has been happening for me in the workshop when right-clicking on an item to be created (e.g. to Preview it, Preview its improved version, etc.). Persistence can pay off in that case, though; eventually, the menu stays. Apparently not so for vendors and the inventory's gear button.

    EDIT: I should've said: the workshop's version of this problem has been happening for me since day 1 of the crafting changes last year.
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