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  • jules#6770 jules Member Posts: 668 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    Several games I played so far made me sick. Most of them had options I could play with until that didn't happen anymore.
    What I can say from my personal opinion:
    When I started playing NW on a small <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> screen on the other side of a big <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> table, it was fine with standard FOV and playing for half an hour inbetween work and other stuff.
    Whenever I put more time into a game (or have more time to play, like right now) I have to sit down and change settings around.
    I do not know why it is so hard to believe that I (and several others) don't just get a little bit dizzy or something they can power through but get a full blown migraine or else from this.

    If I play a game that doesn't let me change the settings to a value I can play at for longer than (for me, personally) 30 minutes, I have to stop playing it. Simple as that. I could play NW for as long as I do now because it let me change FoV when I played for longer periods of time. And I didn't even know there is a slider, because in my first guild (second week or so) I brought up I would need to play with my settings to battle the headaches and people immediately jumped up with what to do and what value works best for them, how to type it in and because we already were at the topic, they also told me about the other more or less necessary keybinds. And I am in general not the smartest <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> around. I didn't have to break my brain over this.

    So all I have to say is: I can enjoy NW because it lets me change the settings. I like running at 85-100 FoV and maybe 1/4 zoomed in if that is an option. Its what I can do. I did run it on lower settings, I can play content on lower settings, just not for a longer period of time or not on my screen.

    If thats not an option, I can either go and lie down every 30 minutes of playing, or not play at all. (The alternative would me being dramatic obviously and explaining how bad a migraine can get, and how it doesn't start right of the start so I could say "Oh, I can already tell this setting is going to make me wish I never got up today!)

    So, I really appreciate that we will get a higher FoV back, I am very thankful, and I can keep adjusting no matter where or how long I intend to play.
    And that it is not going to hurt anybody else in here who can just go back to play at default settings without being concerned why this is an issue for others.

    And, since I never set a foot in a tomm run and a swift turn of a zoomed in Orcus lets me feel like sitting passenger while my brother is driving, I am not sure how we got from motion sickness to "faking" it.
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  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 773 Arc User
    I do not understand this change - or the topic - at all. My perspective was that FoV allows you to adjust the scene to the ratio of size of your monitor and your distance from it.
    Putting restrictive cap now echoes like: "Dude, it is 2020 now, it is time to throw your 24″ screen away and buy something modern - like 14″ or so." or may be: "Just take a few steps back from your monitor, please."

    Well, it is not my problem - I play on a notebook, but it really goes against the progress in IT.
  • cwhitesidedev#9752 cwhitesidedev Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 253 Cryptic Developer

    Thank you for the responses and discussions everyone.

    Going to be looking at putting max FoV to 100 and will be experimenting a little bit with the maximum camera zoom settings. While I can't give an exact time frame of getting it out due to many variables, the goal would be to get this rolled out to PC quickly.

    Seems that this post was lost in the 'discussion' over the last few pages.

  • cherryman1cherryman1 Member Posts: 340 Arc User
    I'm not a fan of the changes to FOV. I don't see any issue with what was there before. If you wanted to open up more options to players I would have been all for it. I see this as taking away options for players to play the game the way they want to play. I would prefer to revert and only concede the option to the last dev option on reduce max to 100 if the revert wasn't an option.

    I think this issue should have been a CDP of its own.
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  • chemjeffchemjeff Member Posts: 544 Arc User

    The first game I played didn't have a tutorial and it didn't list the keybinds anywhere. I figured out how to play it by pressing buttons and seeing what the buttons did. I didn't have the luxury of being able to look them up either. Believe me when I say, looking on the web how to change the fov is not hard and NW was not the first game I did it for either.

    Well this is the first game of this type that I have ever played, and when I started, I did not even know what the FOV concept was for a video game, let alone think about trying to find ways to modify it. It is hard to google a concept you aren't even aware of. I did not even know that there WERE console commands. I thought the chat box really was just a chat box, not a command interpreter. Sure I did eventually learn, but there was no way I was ever going to figure it out, on my own, on my first character in the first leveling zones.
  • aandrethegiantaandrethegiant Member Posts: 3,351 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    chemjeff said:

    Look, I even said myself that I am a person who does get motion sickness when playing certain games. I can't play most FPS games. The disconnect between the immersive feeling of motion when playing a FPS, vs. my physically motionless body, throws out the balance of my inner ear and I feel nauseous. So I totally get that some people might be affected. I have just become very jaded and cynical about most of the discussions here on the forums. I think there's people who use the forums to push agendas rather than to seek help or honestly inform people. I still do believe that there are some people who use a large FOV as a crutch to help them beat difficult content, that they would have a much more difficult time with otherwise, and I don't want these people hijacking a legitimate medical reason for their own ends, in order to justify keeping their unearned advantage. I really did not mean to insult people who do legitimately get ill from FOV issues and I apologize if I came off that way. But I also think that probably the majority of people who are complaining about the FOV have no medical issues whatsoever.

    Thank you for clarifying chemjeff and back at you with an apology. I can tell you as a regular contributing member of the Able Gamers charity, and as member of a still very active founding guild and alliance from 2012 Neverwinter era, that this is a very real issue to many people that are playing Neverwinter right now.

    In fact I do not get the feel that anyone in this thread is lying about a medical condition. For what? Easier content in a few quests??? This is different, I feel, Chemjeff. There ARE many people that need MORE accessibility options then what are in the game currently.

    So the last thing they want to see is ANY feature removed that gives them even a slight disadvantage to the already overwhelming challenges they may have to comfortably play the game for long enough periods of time to really enjoy the game.

    Lastly its been 8 YEARS, right? Do we need to make this change now?

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  • durugudesudurugudesu Member Posts: 555 Arc User
    After reading this massive dump of comments, all I'm seeing is a play on power. Someone wants to go thru with the changes, someone does not. My opinion matters more than yours, yada yada yada.

    Asking the validity of people having motion sickness while playing this game is as absurd as asking someone who may/or may not have a disability, but looks perfectly fine but brings his/her PWD ID (or something) wherever he goes.

    ANYWAYS. The FoV slider was always there when I started playing the game, I have tried zooming in and zooming out, to find which one makes me experience the game the best, and have found the far out one to be not as immersive as i would like.

    I have no problems with motion sickness, so this change doesn't really bother me personally, but alas, this is a mmorpg, where other people can experience things that I don't.

    It was already stated that they are trying to find an option that would serve the purpose they want, that is to limit FoV, but also to keep adjusting it so people won't have to experience motion sickness.

    INSTEAD of bashing one another and making this post not really worth clicking, why not just comment here on how effective/ineffective the changes(limiting FoV, adujsting zoom comment) they plan to implement for you with relation to you personally experiencing motion sickness?

    DONT let this thread be like the CDP posts.. where it gets too long and really a bother to sift thru everything.
  • polysatyr81polysatyr81 Member Posts: 118 Arc User
    As someone whose newish to PC gaming and mainly plays on console including this game which I have played on PS4 since it came out on console and now PC is FOV what is making nothing fully render until I'm like 5 in game feet away from it? I don't have that problem on console and it's a big headache literally and figuratively on here. Now knowing if the twinkling thing I see in the distance is a chest, a quest objective, or a Skill Node is quite annoying. Or not seeing what direction I should be heading in for killing certain enemies since I can't tell until I'm on top of them and I've drawn aggro. If it's not FOV please let me know so I can fix it.
  • bpstuartbpstuart Member Posts: 229 Arc User
    Hey, so i am a little embarrassed to say this, but i had another headache of the same type as i described in all my kvetching, but i was nowhere near the game.

    Perhaps the FOV change didn't have anything to do with Tuesday's headache. It was the same type, starting in the eyes as throbbing then turning into a full headed pound.

    I wanted to post this because i was pretty mad at the Devs in my earlier posts, and i feel like i should apologize because it might not have been their fault.

    So apologies NoWorries, you may not have hexed me after all.
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