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New class?

kingkevin#3240 kingkevin Member Posts: 69 Arc User
I know the developers would probably want to focus on balance and new things, but I feel like just about everyone would like to see an introduction of a new class
(Preferably a monk or a summoner type class)


  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Member Posts: 1,654 Arc User
    Coming Soon™
  • ennileahennileah Member Posts: 135 Arc User
    It was already announced by Chris Whiteside that a new class is due, but as yet no date for launch or further info given.
  • rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
    if you check the roadmap for the next year they have a couple of ''surprises'' maybe one of them is a class, most likely we won't see one until mid/end of 2021 but we can still dream
  • kingkevin#3240 kingkevin Member Posts: 69 Arc User
    That’s nice to hear, as it’s been a long time since the paladin was added
  • mikaleus#7208 mikaleus Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    I’m really hoping for a Druid next.

    Playing through certain zones and quests, all the Druid NPCS, the Malar cultists In undermountain who SHAPESHIFT- it’s like eating candy i front of me when I’m on a diet :(
  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 280 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    My hope for a new class is Monk or Bard.

    Monk would be DPS/Tank, bard would be DPS/Healer
  • lardesonlardeson Member Posts: 374 Arc User
    give me a sorcerer or give me death. okno
    Lardeson CW not Mage. Where's my fireball and my thunderbolt?
  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 280 Arc User
    lardeson said:

    give me a sorcerer or give me death. okno

    We already have Wizard, which is almost the same thing. Monk or Bard are completely unrepresented.
  • agonistes#1431 agonistes Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    Druid, Monk, Bard, and Sorcerer. All key D&D classes mission. Would also like an alchemist, artificer, or psion as well--but those are more specialty.
  • djaomega#1115 djaomega Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Shifter. Would bet $$ on it.
  • mikaleus#7208 mikaleus Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    Arcana skill - Wizard / Warlock
    Dungeon skill - Barbarian/ Fighter
    Religion skill - Cleric / Paladin
    Thievery skill - Rogue
    Nature skill - Ranger

    I think Druid and Bard would fit nature and thievery skills nicely :)

    Specifically, I guess a bard could go magical healer and damage (with a focus on rapier and magical buffs).

    Druid could go healer (looking at the shepherd Druid from 5th edition), damage dealer via lightning, earth and root spells or wildshape, or could tank via shape shifting and spells. Really any combo regarding Druid I’d be be happy to play.
  • zerthi#1465 zerthi Member Posts: 1 New User
    Well, it would be good to see new class like druid (as it seem to be currently introduced) and new 3th paragon path for all other classes.

    With 3th paragon, then druid could be:
    - Shapeshifter
    - Healer (with CC aid by rooting)
    - Magican (with lightining and wind stuff)
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Member Posts: 821 Arc User
    I'm in the mood for something steampunk - black powder, smoke, magic, and gears.
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    They've as much as said that at least one of the "Big surprises" is going to be a new class or classes.

    Personally, (and I have no doubt I will be a million miles wide of the mark, cos I always am on stuff like this...)
    I would LOVE them to do a Module based around the Moonshae Isles (which is where a great deal of my old 1st and 2nd edition games took place) and introduce the Celtic Druid and Bard classes.

    I would love to see the Druid using animal shape shifting magic on one paragon and elemental powers on the other.

    The Bard is a tough one. It's a very popular class and always comes at or near the top of these "Which class would you like to see next?" discussions. But... it's primarily a Buffer. And re-introducing that role would need to be handled very, VERY carefully to avoid HAMSTER up all the hard work that is going into the "Meta Balance" for group play.

    Personally (having done LRP for over 30 years) I HAMSTER hate Bards... (95% of LRP Bards are utter HAMSTER, are immune to the most vehement criticism, and will go to great lengths to show you just how terrible they are.) So having a party member tra-la-laaa-ing for an hour might well get on my HAMSTER sooner rather than later.
    But everybody wants to be one, so what do I know...
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Member Posts: 821 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    I really hope it's not a bard.
    Post edited by frogwalloper#6494 on
  • rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    they did a poll a couple years ago and i think the bard was one of the most voted (i think the others were druid and monk or something like that), but looking at the current ones in the game a dps should be coming, we already have a lot of classes that can support and also a bard would mean buffs and they don't want that in the game like we used to have, , so they would have to be mediocre at best.
  • rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
    edited June 2020

    found it, but it doesn't mean anything, they always change their minds
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