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Feedback. Please move this or tell me where to post it: TY.

ankhornankhorn Member Posts: 31 Arc User
edited March 2020 in PvP Discussion
Neverwinter Feedback
@ankhorn. Played NW Since August 2019. Played D&D Since 1987.

Create a PVP arena in Protectors Enclave where new players can witness epic battles and duels between end-gamers and newer players alike. Make pvp sexy and cinematic. Create famous personalities, players and teams.

Make PVP a spectator sport and revitalize its relevance.

I walk into PE on my new lvl 6 toon and I am invited into a Colosseum (via trade of blades?) where I can challenge players, watch fights, investigate pvp and be awed by top-level players skills and gear.

I imagine something with an arena feel with seats and the ability to watch the fight from a couple of angles. Maybe some audience camera control or such. Like watching the bore worm fight from the time-out room in lomm, but with better angles.

Presently, for any kind of pvp spectacle, you have to be in Icewind Dale. If new players could witness it early on, they might be more inspired.

I would make this a combo of pvp and pve challenges (imagine watching your friend doing the Avernus Arena challenge). There could be teams. Lions. We could set Nashers (or halflings) on fire and use them as living torches… Ok maybe not that part.

This would all integrate seamlessly, I imagine, with trade of blades and the current/future pvp model with its rewards, boons and currencies.

Maybe add a betting currency for audiences?

Guild teams would be cool too.

Risks and Concerns:
*Time for development. That’s really it. This is a whole new area of development and work, understood. However, you guys spat out the Averus arena in no time at all. =p
*Legal issues regarding gambling on pvp (thus special system/currencies etc)?
*Your servers might crash when u steal all the League of Legends players. =)

APOLOGIES: I have no clue where to post this and needed to get it off my chest.
~Neverwinter Foooools!!!!
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  • ashbury#6333 ashbury Member Posts: 62 Arc User
    I think this is an awesome idea! I remember coming across reall good and even 1v1s in Icewind Dale shortly after I was just starting out and I was in awe. With a crowd encircling the two fighters it was really cool to watch. Just take a seat on the ground and enjoy the show. I think if this was implemented it would get new players into it!
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