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Infernal Citadel- First Boss not being there

modestmouse75modestmouse75 Member Posts: 61 Arc User
edited February 2020 in Bug Reports (PC)
After fighting and going through if we do not survive the first go we processed to go back and retry and the boss was not there.



  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,325 Community Manager
    Has this happened every time you do not survive? I'll pass it on for investigation.
  • modestmouse75modestmouse75 Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    Not just me has happened to a few people today already. We only had it happen the one time after that no more fails
  • abrightdev#0791 abrightdev Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 12 Cryptic Developer
    Can you give any more information on this?
    Such as, is there a wipe during the fight, or prior to the boss?
    Did everyone handle the demons on their own or were party members leaping into help?
    Any further details would be helpful.
  • nl54#3191 nl54 Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    Looks like the same HAMSTER that happens when farming Dread Ring lairs. If you re-enter "too fast", there's no mobs in the instance.
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