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Dreadnought standing in Mod18

demarw2#2749 demarw2 Member Posts: 70 Arc User
Hey there.

Mod 18 is live and I am playing on PS4 so I can't test the balancing changes. Have you already done some testing with our "new" Dreadnought? How is our damage potential compared to the other classes now? Especially a comparison to the Barbarians damage potential would be interesting for me. Because I have "finished" my Dreadnought now with all enchantments and so on and want to start a new project now. I really love Barbarians style mit that big sword. And if its damage potential is still noticeable highter than Fighters I will play and main a Barbie. That's why I am asking. Thanks.


  • devilxjkdevilxjk Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    Until the new dungeon release is difficult to say something...90% comunity are killing ape all the day, So if someone have act test i appreciate it
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