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Legendary Pack Follow-up & Lockbox Odds

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,324 Community Manager
edited January 2020 in News & Announcements
As many of you are aware, the launch of Infernal Descent brought with it some unexpected behavior with the Stardock Lockbox. Compared with a normal launch day lockbox, the Stardock Lockbox awarded more legendary mounts while it was active - we will cover that in a moment.

First, no one that got a legendary mount from that box has to worry. The mount is yours to enjoy, and if it was your first legendary mount then congratulations!

So what happened there?

We have been exploring improved chase item odds in lockboxes internally. This has been an ongoing experiment, and while it wasn't ready to release yet for a few reasons, the exploratory work had been done during the same time as other Infernal Descent (M18) work. When we decided to hold the changes for a later release, we missed the Stardock lockbox and players experienced a partial set of changes to that lock box in the early hours of launch

Why are we exploring changes to lock boxes? While these chase items are meant to be rare and valuable, they may be more difficult to acquire than is good for the long term health of the game. With this in mind, we have been experimenting with ways to improve the experience for everyone.

We did not intend to release any changes until this had been discussed with the community and more thoroughly with the team. We alluded to some exploration of this variety in online streams, but no final plan has been decided on yet. Before committing to changes of this type, we want to make sure that the changes overall felt good to the player base and equally work for the business.

We apologize for this error and we are actively working to improve our release quality in regards to both our development pipeline and our QA test plans. Issues like this, in time, will hopefully become a thing of the past.

Let’s use this opportunity to collaborate on this aspect of the game as we did with the accessibility topic and evolve VIP. The discussion for the CDP Topic: VIP can be found here.

Chris W.
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  • hades#2194 hades Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited June 2020
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  • libackilibacki Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    btw, the odds weren't improved to be tested, they were 100% from what i know... so that's actually doesn't go well with excuse...
  • beigeman#7856 beigeman Member Posts: 49 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    you make me laugh.. so the message to walk away with is its okay to abuse bugs... nice... ah well seems you want this game to remain f2p for me :) I can at least thank you for that... Oh and don't forget to accommodate for that in your 'the long term health of the game'
  • arkai#8115 arkai Member Posts: 191 Arc User
    Umbelivable all this about mount no word really...but can yu now unban ppl fast so we hv new player coming back maybe tyvm
  • otoole68#6922 otoole68 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Fair enough nice to see your doing something about lock box odds ( never going to happen). But even if the leg packs were a bug/mistake whatever. People who opened and used should keep. But the ones who put them straight on AH should have them removed. It's not right for the people who couldn't even log on.
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  • lipbulllipbull Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Nobody calls them like that - they are the lucky ones and congrats to everyone. but they open massivly the "one" box which was error-reported on preview to drop 100% a leg mount. maybe a few month ago this was to 100% a ban (lifetime) for you and now the devs congrats you for doing that. and every angry one who didnt opened it in case of a ban was at the unlucky side of the game...
    the devs should reroll and give a bound leg mount (hellpit mount) to everyone cause the unbound mounts are a very big problem for the econmy if there is any in neverwinter. some players with multi-accounts dropped in these few minutes many of them and that destroys the anyway weak economy of the game.
  • jules#6770 jules Member Posts: 708 Arc User
    > @thany#4351 said:
    > This is just wrong. Even for me as a new player.. For older players with VIP who have been trying to get legendary for years this is, well do i need to writte ?!?!?!

    Yeah, kind of my opinion too, also: if people already thought those leg mounts will ruin the economy, think about this as the regular thing...

    I want this for Undying.

    I wished I got a leg mount box once in all the time I played! I do. I think players deserve a better rate, too. But where does this leave us? Get your Alphonse Knoxes ready..
    - bye bye -
  • lipbulllipbull Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    yes - i also get nothing from the boxes over years. thought im one of the unlucky gamers and have had no problem with it since this. and the devs know nothing due to ignorance of whats going on in the community. there are so many beautiful, unheard, hardly trying streamers who tell them what they have to do to save the game. Let them be "part of the pack".
    This feels like a "Dropkick" in my eggs/balls.
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