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Stronghold Influence needs to be looked at

Like how the post for the 2x Stronghold weekends go as the following

Bring glory and spoils to your guild this weekend with double Strongholds-focused events! During the upcoming weekend, players can benefit from:

2x Stronghold Shards – Earn twice the amount of Stronghold Shards
2x Guild Marks – Receive double the amount of marks you receive after donating to your guild coffers!
2x Influence – Earn double influence from any source that would typically reward Influence*

ahh yeah all sources of influence, Marauders hasn't been double since it was introduced and the cleric companion from the zen market 20% influence gain player bonus hasn't been working since the mod16 changes for companions took effect i mean not every guild is Guild Hall 20 there are still guilds that are active enough to not be classed as dead but struggling for influence since they bought said comp and it doesn't work


  • autumnwitchautumnwitch Member Posts: 984 Arc User
    They have mentioned that SH's are getting an update with MOD19 or 20. Part of me hopes they change some of the requirements that makes things a bit easier to grow SH's but part of me thinks they will be making it harder, esp for smaller guilds.

    I can tell you on PS4 there are still tons of guilds listed but whenever I am in PE or the YP I see mostly the same Guilds/Alliances. Maybe ten? I know there is more but just when you anecdotally look around it seems like the same players/groups are running around. This does not feel like a healthy population of players.
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