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Uprising Preview Patch Notes: NW.115.20191025a.17

terramakterramak Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 976 Cryptic Developer
Aside from the notes below, various backend changes have been made to the upcoming Hell Pit event.

Release Notes

Content and Environment
  • Dinosaur-riding is no longer allowed inside the Yawning Portal, much to the chagrin of some of the employees.
Future Events
  • Achievements for completing a max-difficulty Tales of Old run now properly show completion when earned before the final two days.

Combat and Powers
  • When in content scaled to Item Level 20,000, items are now more consistently scaled down to match.

  • Minor fixes have been made to some text in the German and Italian locales.


  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 546 Arc User
    Nothing about Alpha Compy? Do you know that he is still defective?
    New module coming up and no bug fixes since Mod 16 :'(
  • akta#9913 akta Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    Why do you scale people down? Why even bother with spending money for character progression? Why upgrade enchantments? Why did you decide it was a great idea to invalidate all of our purchases and progress? Character progression is now meaningless, I play for fun on all my low level characters but I have zero reason to make progress anymore, the content all feels the same. I'm not even buying zen on black Friday because there is no reason to buy anything. You even took away all the companion bonuses that were good, things I spent money on are now worthless. My Knight of Feywild companion that gave 50% control resist now gives a meaningless amount of stats, I spent 80 dollars on that pack. You are upsetting so many people and your community is very upset with you.
  • nevernixnevernix Member Posts: 25 Arc User

    Read the many posts and threads about the changes , then you know. It's useless to whine, because Things are like they are.

    So, two things you can do imho: leave the game ortry to understend new mechanics, get warm with it and play along.
    To complain is waste of time … unfourtounly the developer do not listen (much) to comunity. Tha'ts nothing new.

    To the exclusive Sylph Compaginion with +50% Controll resist. Sorry, this Bonus was quite unfair to all Players, who did not spend Money for that pack. And yes: to scale it down to 2k krit and 4k aware was imho also unfair. so ..

    And … with every max Level increase, nearly all gear on old max level was meaning less … so, what do you expect.

    I also lost value of gear and companions … and i survived that ….

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