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couldn't enter the Bryn Shander

I already opened the campaign of Bryn Shander and Lonelywood but i can't enter it because the Sergeant Knox didn't give me the task to go to Bryn Shander.
I want a solution for this. it has been 5 months and I am suffering and couldn't enter the Bryn Shander
so right now I cannot go to:
- Bryn Shander
- River District
- Castle Ravenloft
- Chult


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    godhunter#4951 godhunter Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Have you tried talking to Neverember I know he opens the River District and Ravenloft.
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    doublewulfdoublewulf Member Posts: 55 Arc User
    Have you visited the Rothe Valley - Makos' Camp instance yet? That is the first step on the campaign after getting the mission. You may also need to enter the campaign tracker and press square to start the campaign, if you don't see that instance available on your world map.
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    redone911#7650 redone911 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Thank for all .........it worked (( Click - start the campaign :3 ))
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