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Is there a place where I can reference the numbers?

mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Posts: 604Member Arc User
And by numbers I mean the power, armor piercing, defense, critical, critical avoidance, etc that I should have to fight the enemies in a particular zone, or the numbers that those enemies have, which is basically the same.

I mean, the higher I am over their numbers the better for me, the higher they are over my numbers the worse for me. Just one set of numbers per level or a range on enemy numbers per zone would be good enough to start figuring out where I stand.

I know there used to be an article or forum post once upon a time, but that was a long time ago and I don't really know how to begin searching in a way that would produce useful results.



  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Posts: 896Member Arc User
    edited November 8
    See the 'Optimal Stats' tab here:

    To see the 'Enemy ratings low' value, go into the queue page and look at the queue entry for the zone(not the Random Queue list, but the regular queue list). You will see an 'Enemy ratings' value there.

    Or if you are slightly math inclined, google away and find the explanation for the system. The formula basically is that percentage effect = (stat value-counterstat value)/1000 - with some variations due to free starting stats and note that cap for most of the stats is 50%. Power has no counterstat and no cap. CA has Awareness as counterstat, but is capped at 100%.

    But all that is correct in the spreadsheet, so use that unless you have a special interest.
  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Posts: 604Member Arc User
    edited November 8
    Thank you.

    Looking at the numbers, though, why do some lines say that the generic value for everything included in low is one number, then list other numbers under the individual stats?
    Same for the things included under high.

    For example, level 80 enemies.

    Enemy ratings low = 10K.
    Enemy ratings high = 60K.

    Low says AP, Acc, crit avoid, and awareness, but then the individual stat list shows all of those numbers are at least 60K and go as high as 70K. Where does 10K come into play?

    High says defense, deflect, combat advantage, and crit strike, but those numbers individually show that they range from 60K all the way up to 110K.

    That is the sort of thing that I am looking for, but I need better understanding.
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Posts: 896Member Arc User
    Ok, the numbers for LoMM go like this: Enemy rating is 18k, as you can see from the queue page.

    The high stats are for those that you need to neutralize the enemy counterstat, the low are for those where you need to build your own effect beyond the enemy counterstat.
    Arpen: To counter the enemy defense, and gives no worth beyond that. Enemy defense caps at 50%, so you need to neutralize that. You first need 18k to counter the enemy rating, and then 50k to neutralize the enemy defense, total 68k.
    Defense: You need to first counter the enemy rating, and then build your own effect up to cap 50%. 18k to neutralize the enemy Arpen, and 50k to build your own defense up to 50% = 68k

    Combat Advantage has cap 100%, so get higher numbers. You need 100k above enemy counterstat Awareness to get full CA(118k).

    Enemy crit strike has an extra base value of 5% = 5k which need to be neutralized, so for your crit avoidance you need 18k(enemy rating) + 5k(enemy base) + 50k(up to cap 50%) = 73k.

    Enemy CA has an extra base value of 10% = 10k, 18k rating, and it seems their CA caps at 50%(50k), so 78k awareness is needed to neutralize it.

  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Posts: 604Member Arc User
    Ah, okay.

    So the blue section shows what the enemy has, and the black section shows what I should be aiming for/what would offer me benefit.

    Thanks again.
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Posts: 896Member Arc User
    Yes, the black numbers are the maximum values that will give you benefit. And you should not be below those, or your performance will be progressively worse, roughly 1% worse for each 1000 points below.

    You will notice Power is not on the list - there is no cap on Power.
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