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Fizz Fizz Bang Bang (alchemy) quest issue

It says to make 36 Effervescent Tidespan potions, 36 Effervescent Potion of Reflexes, and 36 Effervescent Potions of Accuracy. These items either have new names now or the quest can’t be completed. Can we please get a translation to what these are now if it’s a naming issue, or can we get this quest fixed? Ty


  • kingdarien#5736 kingdarien Posts: 11Member Arc User
    Can someone please look at this before double professions on 11/7/19? Ty
  • mdarkangel#4696 mdarkangel Posts: 434Member Arc User
    Potion names were changed in the recipes but not in the requirements from the Artisan. If you make the following potions they will work for quest completion.

    Potion of Critical Strike Rank 8
    Potion of Deflect Rank 8
    Potion of Accuracy Rank 8
  • kingdarien#5736 kingdarien Posts: 11Member Arc User
    Ty. The reflexes/tidespan were really throwing me.
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