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Unable to Join Manycoins Bank Heist Queue

flatsoblabbo#4129 flatsoblabbo Member Posts: 1 Arc User
edited October 2019 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
I completed all pre-requisites for the Manycoins Bank Heist for the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign. I was able to join the Manycoins Bank Heist queue and participated in the skirmish though the party was not successful in completing the skirmish. Now I am unable to select the Manycoins Bank Heist skirmish from the queue window. It appears locked.

Upon further investigation, the Manycoins Bank Heist quest shows as completed though as I said; the first and only attempt at the skirmish was a failure.

Please assist me with being able to select the skirmish so I can complete the campaign.

I also submitted an Arc Games Support ticket #33220 and was directed to post here. That ticket includes screenshots of the issue.

Please assist. I really want to complete the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign.


  • blueradium#7393 blueradium Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Same - sent in a ticket, support got back saying yup, it's a big. Please fix, perma-locked out of the skirmish que/can't finish AI campaign.
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