CTA and healers

jslegge1901 Member Posts: 90 Arc User
Am I correct to assume healers have no place in the CTA events? Just queued as one and the healing was so bad I barely outhealed the dps. I understand the scaling but it was so horrible I'm never going back in as a healer ever again.


  • sprat140#9415
    sprat140#9415 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    I just gave it a go and as an endgame healer with full crit sev, outgoing healing and loads of power i barely could put a dent in those health bars. Some serious issues with scaling and healing. Needs to be fixed.
  • greywynd
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    There's a CTA on?
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  • chidion
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    About the only thing that can be said for character healers in their current state is, at least they usually contribute a little more than a Devoted Cleric companion... /sarcasm