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Uprising Launch Week Bugs



  • lordtweety#3604 lordtweety Posts: 273Member Arc User

    Hey i'm new, since i can't type in chat, or make a forum post i was hoping i could get some clarification here.

    I purchased the expedition leader pack but am unable to access it. Can anyone tell me where to claim it?

    There is a claims agent in Protectors Enclave. Up the long stairs then head left when you see the curving stair case with red carpet. Don't go up those stairs.

    @nitocris83 @asterdahl @mimicking#6533 Can we do something about giving new players access to at least some form of chat? Being new to the game and unable to ask for help in game is ridiculous.
    Main: Angels Scar
    Guild: Ruathym Corsairs
  • kalintharkalinthar Posts: 21Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Game breaking rubberbanding in the Yawning Portal just after a major patch makes for an unhappy player.

    • Repeated buffing and nerfing of classes with no real objective in sight. For example calling a class a control wizard and then making both variants pure dps
    • Utterly stupid changing of healing mechanics again and again - Buff it, nerf it, buff it, nerf it ….and the beat goes on
    • Bemusingly horrible PvP where the higher gear score always wins
    • Introducing a new professions module and then leaving it in development limbo. A little hint. The very best toys should be those crafted after a lot of hard work.
    • Destroying fan driven foundry based content
    • Constant introduction of new gear that obsoletes the gear you spent months grinding for
    • Lack of any development of stonghold content

  • some1stolemynicknamesome1stolemynickname Posts: 51Member Arc User
    Warlock - Hellfire Ring still doesn't work right...no DoT, only impact damage that does very little

    Ranger - Cordon of Arrows no DoT, only impact damage

    I'm not sure if this has been stated before or not, but I don't feel like wading through all the posts to see. Both of the skills listed above have been like this since start of Mod 16.
  • milyenmilyen Posts: 15Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Tales of the (BUG) Old is not started according to event timer it has but no NPC trader etc etc. Welcome to the same mistakes as the last Tales of the Old.
  • some1stolemynicknamesome1stolemynickname Posts: 51Member Arc User
    Are they ever going to fix the damn STUCK-IN-COMBAT BUG!?!?! That's pretty much THE MOST annoying bug in the game!

    Please fix it!!!
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