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throne of dwarven gods chest

codetellercodeteller Member Posts: 61 Arc User
The todg chest had poor loot. It was like that of the dread legion chest. Which would be fine if the chest was free like the dread legion chest. But one has to spend a key to open the todg chest.
Please increase the rewards of the todg chest.
Thank you.


  • pakatapoespakatapoes Member Posts: 72 Arc User
    Now you getting the same loot AD as the lower level dungeons , and thats not good. And yes they nerf the chest , if lower lvl dungeon is giving 6K AD , atleast Skirmish should give 9K AD .
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Member Posts: 821 Arc User
    Are you saying the rewards changed? Or the amount of rad changed?
    I don't care what they do with the rad, but I'd be disappointed if the rewards went down in quality. That chest is where I shop for companions.
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Member Posts: 821 Arc User
    edited October 2019
    I take back what I said.
    I guess I - DO - care how many peanuts are in that box.
    Got a little more than 500 rad after 15 minutes of shenanigans with a bunch of lowbies. Just seems weird to earn 10 times that on something like Baphomet which takes all of ten seconds. Not complaining - just pointing it out.
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