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Bring everything to preview for use.

pretty simple..

Bring everything game wise to the preview. Wards / Boxes / Packs / Tokens/ Etc.. There have been countless times I come to preview to test things only to go .. well HAMSTER I don't have enough of this or that or even any of this.. Let us test with unlimited resources. what's the harm?


  • rafamarques#5700 rafamarques Posts: 144Member Arc User
    if I have everything free on preview, why would i spend AD / zen on live?
  • b0rkch0pb0rkch0p Posts: 241Member Arc User
    the point behind preview is to test things. Preview is a sandbox that goes no where. You spend AD and Zen on live because you play the game. if you don't want to play the game but just want to dabble on preview then dabble away ;p
  • hrakhhrakh Posts: 110Member Arc User
    I am much more interested in having them bring my actual account to preview...

    Testing without VIP, lacking access to packs and a lot of bank stuff, having to maintain a guild on preview, etc. etc. The fact that certain parts of your account are not available on preview makes testing some aspects harder than it needs to be.
  • b0rkch0pb0rkch0p Posts: 241Member Arc User
    agreed! "everything" should me all that.. esp the travel sign posts! It'll never happen.. but maybe. =/
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