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Match making and Class division

deathklaat666deathklaat666 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 61 Arc User
Going to keep this short and to the point. Match Making is very off. Its not just the Gross Imbalances of Item levels, The class placement is very off. More often then not I find the team layouts consist of 2 class,2 class, 1 random vs 2 class, 2class, 1 random,
(Example 2 Clerics,2 Wizards,1 barbarian vs 2 Paladin/2 rogue 1Ranger Or any other Combination of that pattern.) Is there No way to work in a way to divide the classes more evenly among the teams?


  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,997 Arc User
    edited September 2019
    there is if you want to turn the pvp Qs into what the random pve ones are now ..just look at the complaints in the pve forums about lack of Q poping and wait times ..
    not to mention there are favored classes and less favored ones ,,just look at the Pvp leader board class distribution as it stands now with a few hundred players from the last few days
    less warlocks guardian fighters and maybe some other class to a lesser degree

    which brings me to my next point the pvp season rewards should be top 3 in each class not just top 3 over all ..makes no sense *shakes head*

    randomizing players / match making is another good point once the 10 players have been pulled into the match tho
    but dont forget both teams player were possibly matched / tabulated on some hidden elo value we cannot see that somehow "balances" those players win /loss numbers just not by class

    we need word from the devs how the match making elo leaderboard /" reading item level" is working
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  • gonzakotwigonzakotwi Member Posts: 267 Arc User
    It is more on class balancing rather tan limiting the queues per role/class. But I see your point
    kalina311 said:

    which brings me to my next point the pvp season rewards should be top 3 in each class not just top 3 over all ..makes no sense *shakes head*

    It makes less sense that you are "forced" to play healing path bc of your class, granting you much less points for the leaderboard. They should've made this token thing per win and only a slight bonus at the end of the season. That would have been more appreciated than the green equipment we still get cmon
  • jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
    edited September 2019
    Last couple of days have felt like a real lottery, at any given time in the evenings there's been probably a maximum of 2 pvp instances going, meaning a pool of 20 players, who tend to get reduced to 2x10 as matches are out of sync. So the people in your match, enemy and teammate, are the ones you'll be playing with repeatedly over however many matches, shuffled each match.

    This basically means whoever ends up in the team with the lesser experienced/geared/fewer op sigils team loses, however well they play. Rngesus is a pvp'er.
    No idea what my toon is now.
  • pando83pando83 Member Posts: 2,562 Arc User
    I'd at least make iLvL brackets. Still happens wheat we've seen for years. Yesterday in a match i got a 15k toon in my team. We fought to the end but it was 4v5 pretty much, expecially since the guy stopped fighting after a while and started sitting in spawn. So after the match i PMed him and suggested him to build the toon first, then come back to PvP, cause else he would not be able to do anything. He asked me how he was supposed to get PvP gear if he could not PvP, and i replied with the usual "timeline": play campaigns, get PvE gear since now there's no tenacity involved in PvP, build your toon, boons, enchants. Then try PvP (and even that way you'll have a very hard time against veteran players). HE told me "i'm already doing that, sorry if i tried to have some fun along the way". Now, to me that brings up the issue: first, some players do not enjoy PvE, and feel like they have to go PvP to 2have some fun". But they can't have that fun in current matchmaking, since they are put up against people more geared and more experienced.
    There should be some way to make people try PvP and enjoy it even at low gear level and experience. Would also work as practice. Be it brackets, or a vanilla queue where every player gets base gear, lesser enchants and no mounts/boons/any bonus...but should be done. Now it's been 6 years that the community discussed this issue in PvP, and the devs still didn't find a solution. There's no way for players to try PvP in a decent way, once they get to 80. You must go through a lot of PvE and really build your toon close to BiS, before you even try to step into PvP.
  • bawkrubawkru Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    i think what pvp needs is this
    1st : it needs a que where all boons companions and mounts are disabled it just based on gear and skill
    2nd: enchants need to be nerf'ed to rank 10s since this is currently what u can get quickly and easily from lock boxes or AH
    just doing these things would get new players to the game to que and play pvp because they would have a chance
    there also should be a que for lvl 80 below 20k ilvl and above 20k ilvl
    the biggest problem with pvp atm is ( besides some broken things like artifacts and stuff) is u have to be ilvl 25k + to just stand a chance and that's 100% BS because at that point only the top players can play or will play meaning u have to wait 1hr or longer at times when they are not online just to get into pvp and get 1shotted by someone that's 10k more ilvl than u are..
    which sadly brings me to my last suggestion ... is that u nerf all damage to a flat max damage .. meaning they can only hit for so hard.. say something like 50k for your hardest hits this allows for everyone to use everything they can and but at lest u will not get 1shotted

    pvp has to get to a point where we can use alts and just pass around some gear and r10s and still have a great time in pvp because atm there is no point to use alts or to pvp at the start of lvl 80 and since this is a campaign it needs to be playable at the start of lvl80 not at the end
  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,997 Arc User
    edited September 2019
    so no need to nerf damage if enchants are scaled maxed at rank 10 ..
    if you nerf damage of Bis players attacking each other / pug attacking bis .. everyone becomes immortal / no one dies and no one can clear a node ... so instead of the bis killing you you cant kill him
    consider the other side / consequences of nerfing damage and removing build diversity . if you nerf damage then people throw all their excess power into even more defensive enchantments
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  • stark760stark760 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 462 Arc User
    With not enough players to fill multiple ques, I understand the difficulty of balance. That said, if there are 2 healers, please split them. And if 4 people are using OP sigil, split them as well. Had a round the other day with jon koca, we had no op sigil user in our group, and no heal. The other team had 3 OP sigil users and 2 heals. Match was over before it began.
  • lemollenlemollen Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    Agree with Kalina. In mod 16, damage was too low. People could heal more than they are damaged so you have immortals in matches. It was damn boring. Devs worked on this and people are dying again. Now people are crying about being one-shotted. LOL. Newsflash.. people who can one-shot you prolly can be one-shotted themselves if your character is built right and similar item level as him. Then it all comes down to skill isn't it. Who can successfully negate the opponent's encounters/ dailies with their defensive measures and who can time their rotations to inflict maximum damage on the opponent. Not who can heal more - that is ridiculous. So nerfing damage is definitely not the way to go. So what to do? Differentiated queues? Too few people pvping for that. Scaling people down to a certain item level like in the pve queues? Well seems to be fair but there will be the high IL people who will cry : "I have grinded/ spent hard for those gear/ enchants/ mounts. Why should we be scaled down? Where's the character progression?" The scaling thing already made some people unhappy at the pve side and some have quit over it. What do you think would happen if it is brought to the pvp side? So we are stuck with the current system. What we can do to the current system is to balance the number of low il toons and high il toons in the teams better. If you happen to get the short end of the straw then too bad. Just bite the bullet and fight on. I mean what do you expect when you queue for dom solo? Of course rng is gonna come into play. If you wanna make sure you are in the right team, then form your own premades and fight with other premades.
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