Tales of Old: The Dread Vault - Extension and upcoming changes



  • meirami
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    Each coin counts for 2 in the daily limit, but you still get just 1. This is a major bug and should have never made it past the QA. At this point, it's too late to start farming the event for a Fabled Chapter because we need 135 and can only gain them in two times as many days as intended.
  • stark760
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    Had a alliance member test the amount you could get on coins per day, and if it was just a typo. He had 21 coins on the day(said 42), and he did another x2 run, went up to 24 coins for the day, the next run he got zero. So daily cap is halved.
  • kord#1713
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    To date, the real limit of coins for the event is 23 per day !!! is a mockery of people
  • brb89
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    I'm so sad. ☹️ since first tales of old events i had farm for artifacts and all the journals, earned lengendary chapters (im using neck piece at the Moment and It sparkling 🤩). I'm not a strong player so when the First envent start (mod 15? Dont remember) i enjoy the fact that i can do It Just pug with a normal group (in the tooltip u can read 16k gs required... 🤣). Also runs for farming didnt Need so much time so i was pretty sure to be able to complete all set (also here: isnt a strong set, maybe usefull ). Today: First week of the event was too hard for me, i spent hour to try runs with a decent group: if we not failed... Wow 1 coin... How many of these i Need for an artifacts? 30, for the journals? And for the leggendary chapters?. By the forum i read It Will be fixed, k wait for It. After the fixed... You all know the situation.
    Dunno if devs are about to fix again, i dont think maybe Is already late, but i Hope cryptic understand this: ok, you want to make hard content like tomm (i whatched some video, probably ill never enter there 😂) and i like the fact you Need to give Blood for be able to enter there. But for events like this or cta, event where ALL players can enter, you cant let enter people because they can, and then take off every
    piece of their body from the Wall near the First pack of mobs...
  • bspally
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    Upgrade event artifacts to 300 gear score items! And may be even higher than 300. As they are really hard to get.

    Also uprade to 300 class-specific artifacts. May be not just change stats but make a specific quest with some price to upgrade.
    Stop painting green loot - please do something useful.

    And some more compensation for such stupid realization of the tales is needed. 1 of 5 in first week and 1 of 3 after "a fix" - well i have nothing to comment =)
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  • commanderdata002
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    bspally said:

    Upgrade event artifacts to 300 gear score items! And may be even higher than 300. As they are really hard to get.

    They are better than the 300IL artifacts if you use more!
    No need!
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  • popax
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    It's unbelievable you devs cannot make the event playable and enjoyable.
    As it is now it is only frustrating since players cannot complete it in a reasonable way.
    I'm positive you have not even tried to complete x3 as it is almost impossible.
    Please fix it once for all and give us more time to complete it.
  • shah102
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    @asterdahl @terramak
    you're ruined the event, twice

    @lardeson spoke correctly. No need to ask testers to check your edits, check them yourself. Can you complete the event at the level of items / difficulty that you set? - Not!
    The event should be fun, but due to shortcomings and errors, sometimes you want to delete the game
  • lardeson
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    Unfortunately, but probably it’s time to openly say - this event was a failure. A broken counter, the absolute impossibility of passing for the middle group (22-23) x3 (frankly there x2 is a big question), unsuccessful (as far as I know) attempts 25-26k to go through x4 (x5, who should this be?). Most players have already given up and don’t even try to complete it - 45 successful completions on x2 are 20-25 hours minimum (and this does not take into account the broken counter and the time to collect the group). And this calls into question, "Do you really need to launch the next one?" What for? If you have not received chapter 3, then getting 4th becomes a waste of time. It is probably no longer possible to fix it now, but if during the 4th event the difficulty of passing is correctly taken into account (why should we strengthen the monsters when weakening the players?) And the opportunity is given to receive not only the 4th, but also the 3rd chapter, and also collect the 3rd artifact in addition to the 4th - then it can correct the situation. It's my personal opinion.
    p.s. I apologize for the possible clumsy phrases - google translator.

    Tbf, i cant even be bothered with this event anymore. They are several choices to patch their mistake, either just removing scaling (which they kinda did, even thou it wasn't intended), do a playtest, reduce the damage abit. Orrr just ignore all that and increase the currency by 3 or even 5 times.

    They now have the choice to just end the event and add this artifact to the next event, increase the currency cap by x2, allow you to get 2 fabled chapters and ofc double the currency gain. Easy fix, less headache for you and players, more time to test stuff. But will they listen to players? unlikely
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  • trgluestickz
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    @nitocris83 @kreatyve @terramak I have some questions about this event:

    Has anyone actually gotten the flayed journal and activated all of the addon effects that go with it? How about getting a fabled chapter?

    Will there be another tales of old dread vault since the extension and bugfixes failed miserably? It sounds like its still next to impossible to get much from this event, let alone everything.

    Is there some other plan to allow people to complete the limited time sets from this event since you pretty much can't complete your sets now?
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  • devilxjk
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    the problems isn't the "item level" but the crazy scaling....


    A ) go back to 18k item level
    B ) remove ALL the scaling from the event

    (no more additional dmg/hp)

    x2) no artefact
    x3) poison
    x4) no daily/items
    x5) CD x1.5

    and 1 week to complete it,

    You can do it!

    p.s. your internal tester are trolling/sabotaging you
  • stark760
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    Please announce if there will be a change. Many have stopped running the event due to the bug on daily cap and the hopelessness of getting fabled chapter. If going to somehow compensate for partial completion or address the bugs, you should let players know before the event ends. Not saying as early as possible only makes the debacle of this event even worse.
  • shah102
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    What internal testers ?

    Do you want to say that they immediately, without preliminary revisions, upload the assembly to the test server? If this is so (but it is not) why do not we see a server update every day or two, and a successive change in the server revision (.a1; .a2; a3; ....)? - Because they only upload key server revisions! Which pass the minimum control, at least for the fact that the changes will not cause the server to crash
  • tassedethe13
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    Testing if things work they way they are intended to work and servers crashes are two differents problems.

    You can make some automatic tests to see if the server crash, but humans have to test things like dreadvault.
    More over, it take some times to adjust anything, and that's not only 1 people developing, that's why it takes some time and you don't have your daily new version...

    The lack of dreadvault testing is evident, you can't say that it has been tested by humans, come on don't be so trollish
  • stark760
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    If it was tested by humans, I'd love to see that feed and the definition of passable.
  • kord#1713
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    Waiting for comments from Mr. terramak, developer Cryptic.
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  • creeperlp681
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    well.... I hope they have plans to correct this. thats for me the first Tales of Old event were i not run this time. Hope the last one is not so a "kill-trucker" than Dread Vault is.
  • ccs2009#5244
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    Well on PS4 the event date has been pushed back for 1 month to Oct 11 now (originally set for Sept 13 but changed today)....so hopefully you guys on PC will get another chance as well...
  • stark760
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    Be fixed on PC in 50 weeks.
  • reeper#9973
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    So events have been fun for so many people to run on multiple toons, even weaker alts. This TOO event in its current state is impossible to run on alts even close to impossible on mains. Why are we being punished? Cryptic needs to say sorry by giving everybody the artifact + tales at least !
  • hjp1982
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    another thing that is broken is that after getting the 135+ coins and the run after you got the 135th coin no fabled chapter was given.... feeling a little bit annoyed now
  • brewald
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    This event was the biggest fail I've never see since I play Nerverwinter.
    What will be do to compensate for the impossibility of completing the requirements of the fabled chapter?
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  • b3llist0r
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    I understand that there are issues but please-please-please ... there is a preview server, there are players willing to test! You could use it. It would have shown: The event is broken. Even (real) endgame groups can barely finish stage 3 and stage 4 is impossible. So most players gain 3 coins in an 1h run. That makes players frustrated and angry. They played event pt.1 and pt.2, collected the stuff... are looking forward to the final set and then they fail. Everybody fails, some people with no life start grinding even with 1 or 3 coins per run. Our guild is full of raging players. I told them: Dont worry party people! They will fix it and extend the event again. ... ... ...

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