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Demand and Supply of Power

There is a high demand for items that give Power stat in general but the main problem on the AH market are Insignias and Radiant enchantments.
Radiant enchantments are single stat enchantments and their overall stats are significantly lower than 2-stat or 3-stat enchantments while their price is incomparably higher than 3-stat enchantments who give the most stats.
I think some change is required to balance things out, for example even higher stat caps required for content than 80k for crit/arpen/accuracy to give more worth to the 3-stat enchantments while Radiants still remain the best choice for defense slots.

Insignias are even a bigger problem as the price gap between power ones and non-power ones is enormous but that isnt really the issue. The real issue is the supply and how the upgrade system of Legendary Insignias work. We will find less Insignias of Green Quality available than there are Blue/Purple Quality ones while Green ones are required in a far bigger number for the upgrade.
The price of all Dominance Insignias, regardless of quality is incredibly high while rare Brutality Insignias are even in a worse spot, even if you would want to waste AD on buying overpriced Green Quality Brutality Insignias you would be unable to buy enough for Legendary upgrade.

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