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Stamina and Divinity arc's

finmakinfinmakin Posts: 268Member Arc User
With mod17 around the corner I would like to bring up a discussion about the arc's which are getting more and more important in the future.
note. I am posting this from my point of view as being a puny tank.

During hectic fight's where much is happening in a small timeframe (like ToMM) is a proper use of both pools becoming a very important part of the new system (which I like a lot), but I like to see a possibillity for players to alter the opacity of these arc's (like you can do with chat window).

As it is rightnow these arc's are hardly visible while they are becoming more and more important (especially) for healers and tanks to keep track of these two pools which is needed in new and upcoming game content to stay effective as much as possible.

If it is not possible to give players the option to alter the opacity of these arc's on their own preferences (since game is using two engines) then please alter the opacity in game code so they become more visible.
From my guessing this opacity is currently set on 50% and would like to get it to (lets say) 25%, so they become more visible on screen.

Healers and Tanks will be gratefull for this (atleast I do).

Ogguk Sanctus… Justicar Paladin
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  • kors#9447 kors Posts: 65Member Arc User
    I have no problems from this point of view, but there are some visual effects very stressful for the eyes like, for example, the AoE from the Boreworm in LoMM after 2nd rock phase. Or the light effect from Vow of Enmity from the Paladin (I still preferring the effect that there was before).
  • kharkov58kharkov58 Posts: 235Member Arc User
    I have a hard time telling how much divinity I have.
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