HP Boons Do Not Give IL

dontez1 Member Posts: 114 Arc User
3 of the 4 tiers of HP Boons do not give IL when selecting them. They should give 125 IL for 5 points invested, its a 375 IL loss for the 3 tiers not giving IL. It's a hard loss when you need 24k IL for TOMM soon and you need those HPs but no IL from them... O.o


  • pitshade
    pitshade Member Posts: 5,416 Arc User
    I've noticed this as well. The devs are designing content in which glass cannon builds aren't viable. Not good to give people a reason to avoid Hit Points.
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  • aixis2000
    aixis2000 Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    @devs we need that IL from hp boons for TOMM so pls fix this!

  • maturutuki
    maturutuki Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    yes, i still missing 80il to 24k (should have 500 more from hp boons) and have like 7k hp less from bugged companion.
  • bspally
    bspally Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    please fix!
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