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Phalanx Daily needs control immunity improvement

sprat140#9415 sprat140 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
I like the idea of this daily but it become mostly unusable because it does not provide control even though it says "you gain immunity from most control effects. It seems the idea here is to mitigate team damage when bosses or heavy hitters unload on your party. The issue is almost everyone knocks you over making this ability worthless. As a tank you generate the most aggro so everyone is going to hit you and lots of enemies just knock you over ending the daily. I like this daily and wish I could use it more but just can't. Is anyone else having issues with this daily??

For example you cannot use this ability at any of the bosses, especially at the second boss where it would seem this power should shine or be effective. This post is designed first to ask for an improvement to the control immunity of the ability and second to ask the community for situations where it is effective, because i think it is a really cool power, just unusable. Cheers.


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