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Warden Expedition (WE) access/ non-complete of Githyanki investigation quest?

I've already submitted an in-game bug report, created a post in the "bug thread" and now I'm here to see if anyone else is with me stuck in this special hell of being unable to progress towards unlocking the Trial?

Mod 16B & Stardock released on Tuesday 8/13 and today is the 3d day of doing the two daily quests given by Yrlakka and I STILL don't have Warden Expeditions unlocked on my main character Malekith! I have not run new content on any alt yet, so who knows if I'm bugged there too? Meanwhile, everyone else I know has had access since yesterday and I'm still blocked for some reason. Srsly, wtf?


  • malekith#8724 malekith Posts: 25Member Arc User
    edited August 2019
    Included a Screenshot here so people see what my actual options are when I talk to Yrlakka.

    All I've ever seen him give are the Investigation quests that send you to conflict areas where you kill 30 targets, and check 6 spots. I've done the 2 that are available each day since release on Tuesday and STILL no option to do a WE has popped for me.

  • rapidstar#3272 rapidstar Posts: 22Member Arc User
    Do you have Illithid/Gith inteligence in your inventory?
  • malekith#8724 malekith Posts: 25Member Arc User
    Ok, I've pieced together what's happening after having run through the new content on my F alt.

    Yrlakka gives out two different investigation quests every day. Upon completion you get an evidence item, of which there are two types: Githyanki & Illithid.

    Soon as you acquire two of either type, Yrlakka makes the Warden Expedition (WE) quest available for selection

    WE's are not daily, but bi-daily.

    Somehow I missed this, which happens.

    I'm sure this is spelled out in the "flavor text" that the NPC gives or in one the actual investigation quest descriptions. That I didn't see it is entirely on me. However, there has to be a better way of making players aware that this is the mechanic?

    I also just noticed after completing quests for the day, there's no longer a countdown timer for when you can pick up anything again? Was that changed or what that always the quest.

    *** Anyways TLDR: I missed reading something, I NOW understand that WE's are not daily, but bi-daily. ***
  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Posts: 232Member Arc User
    In stardock there is a guy that will hand you 2 daily quest each and every day.
    The reward turn in will give you 1 intelligence scroll for each faction and there are 2 factions.
    To access Wondering Expeditions you need to have 2 intelligence from each faction.
    This right here means that you must do the daily's from the guy for 2 days to get those intelligence then access to the wondering expedition will be open.
    Now to access fragement expeditions requires that you have 3 rods which you get rewarded 1 rod per Wondering Expediton quest turn in which is a total of 2 rods per day that you can run a wondering expedition.
    Once you get 3 rods your be given a quest to do a fragment expedition and its turn in will reward you with the fragment of zer whatever that is needed for the quest.
    Now this must be done a total of 4 times to complete the quest and unlock the trial.
    If you started the day of launch and did your dailies each day up to now then that means tomorrows reset your be able to get into fragment expeditions and get 1 from it.
    From there repeat the process until the quest is complete.
  • utookmynickutookmynick Posts: 164Member Arc User

    today is the 3d day of doing the two daily quests given by Yrlakka and I STILL don't have Warden Expeditions

    I think this part in your original post threw us all off. It sounded like you already did each faction 3 times already.

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