Divine Protector for Tobriand's surge?

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Should we be using Divine Protector (without feat) after tower phase to "redirect damage from nearest ally"?

I ask because:

1) Not sure if surge is affected by damage resistance

2) More importantly, people ask for "shield pls" even though I use both the Pally Sigil and Divine Palisade (cone behind me). The combination of this should give +30% DR (if surge can be mitigated at all) and both give heals for those that survive.


  • leftbear
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    That certainly seems like a possibility. However the real issue lies in DPS on the towers, failure here is usually cause by mid-level groups not respecting the charge mechanic. i.e. they have too many debuffs on them to dps the towers down in a reasonable amount of time.

  • utookmynick
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is ultimately a DPS issue (collision debuff or otherwise). Just curious because I had 2 occasions recently where someone asked for "shield pls". Maybe they were referring to divine palisade and simply didn't notice me use it. Maybe they were talking to DC. I should have clarified with the them at the time, instead of wondering about it afterwards.

  • xcessiveforce40
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    We use divine palisade with shield, meaning the Paladin exits the tower phase about 6 seconds early to phase triobrand, hit r1 first to active DIVINE, then R3 (click down on stick) for shield. Then you will notice a small yellow shield up glowing and a small cone behind the shield which everyone stacks which shields the party. In addition the OP can also pop a daily to add additional shielding to the party as well as the DC can use a daily to add another shield as well. All this doesn't matter if all 4 tesla coils are not completely dps's down. The key is to move together in a group to attack each. Coordinate if you are using blades artifact as they don't stack. I've completed LoMM now 12 times at least in the last week as SW and 1 time as OP. Sadly the times we fail are never on DPS but on the tank attempting to DPS when they should be readying themselves for the Triobrand blast mechanic after the tesla coils are completed. I know OPs wanna dps high but during these runs they need to focus on mechanics and keeping threat at maximum during the appropriate phases. Like triggering the mechanical scorpions 1 at a time rather than 3 charging the board at once.
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    Please note that the polarity debuff from collisions (or being too far apart) can be cleansed. It just requires 2 cleanses to remove.