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Castle Ravenloft Strahd fight still bugged...

dontez1dontez1 Member Posts: 114 Arc User
I was told this was wai... After getting him to 30% or so and him pulling us to the center of the room... Or I thought that was what was going to happen... Everyone was instant killed in less than 1 sec and the sword was dropped on the red blood floor or whatever it is there. Then no one had the Sun Sword at the campfire or in the hallway so we couldn't enter again and Strahd was still talking smack stuck in his speech from when he killed us all. Defiantly not working as intended..


  • carloswartune#5709 carloswartune Member Posts: 240 Arc User
    I had the same problem sometimes when me and my friends tried to do CR: the shield doesn't work and everybody dies, even though the sword is fully charged. The sword spawned again at the campfire as expected, though.

    However, we were able to complete it without the bug once after Mod 16 dropped and the crash on last boss was patched. The bug seems to always happen now (we tried 4 times), so I think one of the recent patches broke the dungeon again.
  • anoreksjaanoreksja Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    I have the same problem with CR last boss, a few failed attempts despite the fact that a very good team
  • roadkill#6177 roadkill Member Posts: 534 Arc User
    I haven't been to CR recently but previously there were many times when after a party wipe the sword itself became invisible to me outside the entry gate when everyone was buffing up. I often have invisible graphic effects on screen so I don't know if it's just me or a bigger issue. Another invisible effect in CR I previously noticed was that some lanterns failed (I assume) to appear and thinking that area was safe to move to I ended up being killed "suddenly" while seeing an explosion.
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