Companion bonus 'Compy' broken

mikemao72#6504 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Companion bonus Compy(5% power, 10% power in Chult) not working correctly, whether in Chult or not, power level is not set, and not sure that even with the displayed stat change, if the power is even active at all.
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  • douglasopferbeck
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  • soulevar#2212
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    On PS4, I confirmed the same behavior, but specifically, you must unequip and then re-equip the Alpha Compy companion power in the zone in which you wish to play if you want the bonus to work. It is ridiculous.
  • cts2000#2706
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    Sigh....been reported on all 3 platforms for months. No fix as of yet. In fact, nobody has even acknowledged the bug exists. Pathetic. I say that because people PAID for the pack the compy came in, and as a PAID FOR product you would think they would make it a priority to fix. Pfffft they could care less at this point. Really upset by that? Request a refund from Customer Service. You might get one, and your account closed as well.