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Critical Healing% and Power

apollo#5199 apollo Member Posts: 32 Arc User
For some reason the original post was deleted so I will repost it here:

A developer stated this in AMA

and the relative thread can be found here

From the small test that you will see below too, it seems that indeed Power affects the Critical chance of a heal, strange as it may sound. Specifically the greater the power value is over the critical value , the less Critical Heal % one has and if Power is lower than Crit than you can actually get the up to 50% chance.

The test was done in Stronghold with the help of the Piranhas. I dived it and healed myself 40 to 50 times to have a decent sample size, using the same power or at-will.

Here, with 193k power and 72k Crit I had 10% Critical Heals.

I then, dropped the Power to 62k and Critical was left at 70k. And tho I should have 2% less, my Crit heals actually increased to 39%.

As a 3rd stage I dropped my power to increase the gap of power to Crit even more and....

...the Critical heal% increased to 42%.

So yes, the Dev was actually true to his statement and the difference of Power to Crit actually affects the Critical Heal %. Think of it as the counter stat of Critical is Power when it comes to heals but will test it more on the days to come.

I have to say that this affects ONLY Critical Heals and it affects all 3 healing classes.

Hope it helps.


  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 610 Arc User
    Looks like having the higher power in this case yields a higher heal per second. It does make me better better about having 100k crit though on my cleric, had it that high because most things with CA are paired with crit and I just couldn't lower it more without taking out power or CA.
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