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Tank build help

cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
I have wondered for a long time about
back to the game and keep playing fighter. Now im still not sure, but i want reorganize my "GF".
Earlier i played only like buff/tank. Now we don't have good buffs so i want try only like tank. And now i need help and sugestions.
1. Gf is good tank and ppl need gf tank? I dont have to much time for games so i can't check it.
2. Which stats are now most important for tank? Before i use HP def and recovery. But now? HP and def? How much def i need?
3. Which offensive ench? Before i use silvery for recovery but now? I'm tank so i dont need power, crit etc. Maybe dark for arm pen?
4. Ench for weap? I still have plague.
5. Set? Still have valhalla.
6. Which summon pet? I use dancing shield or rust monster but maybe it's weak now for tank?
7. Ench for arm? Bark? Negat? Rly don't know.
8. Which skill on dung? Enforced threat, kv and ?
9. Which feats? I heard few was bugged. But i'm not sure.


  • clericalistclericalist Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 595 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    Still trying to figure out what works best for a tank but here are some of the things I found.
    1 Yes people need tanks, things like master demogorgon and the arcolith need someone to protect the rest.
    2 HP by far, defense should not be hard to max (because tanks already get a defense boost) and high stamina regeneration is now a must.
    4 Frost enchant, best for a support class
    6 I use Celeste, I know that healing companions are really weak now, but every bit helps which for tanking is healing and not dps
    7 You take a lot of hits, so Barkshield is not good for tanking
    8-9 On dungeon all feats and encounters that generate threat, it is harder to create threat than before and every time you lose it should be viewed as a failure.
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  • cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
    Thx. Now i'm going with tr. But it's only for fun. Now fighter is repulsive for me and this stamina was awful. But thx again for your help, i will try again reorganize my "GF".
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