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The are 2 critters A and B and the party comp is T,D1,D2,D3,H (Tank,dps,heal)

The tank has the highest threat on A with 5000 points and the second on is D2 with 2000 points and everyone else lower than that.
The tank has 1000 points on critter B and the highest points(and current aggro) on critter B is hold by D3 with 4000 points.
The tank,let's say fighter, uses ET resetting the aggro table for all critters hit.
Does the tank auto lose the lead that had on critter A ?? If so this is a huge problem and a waste of threat points for tank !

Is this the case ? I could not make a test on this to be sure.
Suggestion make aggro resetting tools turn down to 0 all the threat points of each player, except for the tank.(If this is not already the case,can't test this)
I hope i made my point clear with this example. You can imagine that with more critters in a fight a tank trying to catch one or two critters
that left behind sacrifices all the job done for every ohter mob, that he already had aggro.Sorry for my bad english.



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    I can't speak to Fighter in particular but all powers, feats, and abilities that are supposed to put Barbarians at the top of the threat list do not. They do not seem to move our threat gauge at all, they most certainly don't strip aggro off anybody, and if you die or otherwise get your threat reset (going out of sight or too far away) it's basically impossible to claw your way back to the top.

    In fact, I'm relatively certain that most of our "increased threat" abilities don't actually have increased threat, the only one that seems to actually work is our at-will Challenger's Slash. Leap into Action feat doesn't seem to do anything, its counterpart Frustrating Slash is tied to a power that's aggravating to use effectively due to both the reduced movement speed and the auto-block draining stamina when you don't really need to be blocking so I honestly get worse aggro from that than I would Sure Strike even if it did actually increase threat (and I'm fairly sure it doesn't either), and Challenger's Charge is completely nonfunctional.
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    Personally I never have these issues of losing threat.

    I Always make the request in group to wait a few seconds with DPS (especially with large pulls) till mobs are clustered on tank before DPS fest begins..
    Un-fortunately you have always those DPS players who cannot wait a few seconds, and even start pulling mobs on their own because their urge to get on top of DPS list is more important for them than succeeding as a group.

    There is a famous tank rule (infamous by some)..
    If you pull mobs, you deal with it... period.

    I have let many DPS players die by not intercept the aggro off of them and don't ress them either (while I Always carry tons of Bahamuts tears on me) and let hem run from their spawn point (which affecting their DPS achievment on list).

    By just giving the tank a few seconds to build up a solid aggro ground to begin with will succeed in smooth fights (even with big pulls, my personal habit)..
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    To go along with all this brilliant design for threat system, healing can strip threat from the tank or any dps. Which is fine on paper but how it works in the game is just plain silly. Sure there is 1 cleric threat reduction encounter which too is a huge joke. Spend an encounter to reduce your threat but as soon as you cast another healing spell you are right back into threat. I don't know any clerics that use Divine Glow. If it were removed from the game you wouldn't see any players ask about it.