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June 4 Q&A Stream



  • aryasvitskona21aryasvitskona21 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    This question was asked in an earlier stream, but I believe Thomas Foss misunderstood the question. The question was will the loot drops be better; to which Foss replied "Yes, in the Lair of the Mad Mage." What I think the question was supposed to be worded is will the overall loot drops for the older dungeons (ELOL, ETOS, CN, etc.) get better to make them viable to run instead of just doing them for nostalgia's sake.
  • auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 385 Arc User
    when will tiamat be put back in the game?
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  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,719 Arc User

    when will tiamat be put back in the game?

    When it's fixed, which may take a bit considering it's a 25 man instance and they will have to sync that many devs together to internally test and whatnot.
  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User
    I've played a little on test now, (just a little) and it seems better than it was.... doable.. but the lack of progression is still kind of a demotivational deal breaker.

    what are your plans to restore the feeling of progression in the future, do you think it's possible to make it so the last 5 dungeons are not scaled to give people a reasonable choice of dungeons to play with their most recent gear? that might make it all a little more palatable.

    is there a plan to make it less stick and more carrot? because that's what this game is missing atm.

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  • celticdaddy77#4008 celticdaddy77 Member Posts: 12 Arc User

    Q: are you going to improve the watcher/alabaster drop rate?

    Q: are you going to improve the droprate on the ebonized raid/assault rings?

    Q: are you ever going to apologise for lying about the watcher set?

    or at least a vendor to trade one hand for the other? I have gotten 11 icons on my cleric. Every icon I get is a slap in my face. This is ridiculous and really needs to be addressed
  • shanefrazier93shanefrazier93 Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    On the previous stream, you asked where the Roleplay crowd hangs out. The answer is the Moonstone Mask - because it's the only single-instanced place in the game.

    We would absolutely love to see other single-instanced zones where it's easy to find roleplayers in the same central hub, maybe something like the Driftwood Tavern. Could this be done some time in the future?
  • rualkgreywolfrualkgreywolf Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    In order to make enchantments, runestones, and insignia less and less powerful with future mods, wouldn't it be better if they give a percentage of your stats? As you'll release more and more powerful gear, an enchantment that gives flat power will become less and less relevant but if it gives even a very small percentage of a given stat, it will scale along the new gear you'll release without further adjusting it
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    I've wanted to ask these questions for a long time now, but given the amount of work needed to sort Mod 16 out, I've waited, since these questions are more about explaining the mind set behind Cryptic's methodology than about fixing specific points going forward.


    1. Why, when you knew the Mod 16 System overhaul was coming, did you use the majority of resources in Mod 15 to build a Professions system that would, obviously, last only one mod before becoming instantly outdated, and leave it in complete limbo until at least Mod 17 (assuming 17 sees the next Professions update)?

    2. Again, when you knew the Mod 16 overhaul would include not just a class balance but a complete overhaul of play style and role assignment, why did you allow a half finished class balance to go out, knowing it would never be completed at the next mod, or at any point in between, and condemned several very popular classes to a rather pointless limbo?

    That's it basically. You've said that the plans for Mod 16 had been going on for a year or more, and that obviously covered a large amount of time during which Mod 15's class balance was ongoing. Why on Earth did you not take the resources being devoted to a completely useless project, and devote it to speeding up the overhaul for Mod 16? And if you knew at the time of Mod 15 launch that the half finished balance pass was never going to BE finished, why did you let it go live? You must have known that the game would be largely hobbled until Mod 16 settled after the (as currently seen) issues were solved.

    Oh... wait...

    3. When IS the Professions update to fit Mod 16's new level cap and gear power coming? Is it part of the next Mod, a future Mod, an imminent patch fix, or a patch when you eventually find the time?
  • marvyn#9793 marvyn Member Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    What are you doing to address bots and AFK players in random queues?

    You're very quick to address 'exploits' by players, but there doesn't appear to be a lot of action against one of the most prevalent exploits in the game - joining random queues for rewards without taking part.

  • unknowndramaunknowndrama Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 115 Arc User

    Why Aquisition Incorpored skirmish Manycoins Bank has been changed from account unlock to character unlock how we supose to maximize weekly acorns 175 whitout it only by having that basement quest that you need to wait 1 hour for 5 acorns?!!!

  • adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
    The ability to run Barovia hunts and Undermountain MEs with different levels of difficulty/rewards is genearally popular. Are there any plans for a similar system for dungeons in general?
    Hoping for improvements...
  • silentstorm#0789 silentstorm Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Fighting the dark dragon is not working for me, the rings have problems. Could you use a Ctrl+f or maybe the U key [not used anymore] to activate the ring? Also, it sometimes shows a target (from the previous ring) when I use the F key for mount.
  • rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,404 Arc User
    When will the mountaineer weapon sets be in the trade bar store? The tooltip for them says that is where you get them at launch of Mod16, but as of yet they are not there. It would be very helpful for alts.

    Will the mobs in the stronghold not be classified as "elite" soon? Other than the spiders, beasts and drakes, they are all elite monsters currently, which makes it take forever for even high ilevel characters to kill them.
  • picar66picar66 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 118 Arc User
    You do in the last previw/mimic patch notes a lot of fixes to companions, but
    owlbear cup doesnt trigger its non crit strike bonus.
    Any plans to fix this?

  • vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    adinosii said:

    1. LoMM is the only L80 end-game dungeon and the difficulty is pretty much spot-on, but the rewards from LoMM are not impressive. The bonuses of the armor pieces range from "useless" down to "avoid at all cost". Can we expect any changes to LoMM to make it worth running?
    This question has been asked with different verbiage in various threads and during live streams, and I don't think I've heard an answer that actually addresses it.

    I would be gratified to see a direct answer to the above question.

    Please consider...

    - Higher item level does not automatically mean better. Most players know this. Successor gear is universally bad despite its higher item level, and no one who knows anything at all about how game mechanics works wants it, much less to restore.

    - The increased base HP, Defense, Power, and Combined Rating stats are insufficient as incentive to equip it over very slightly lower-rated pieces that offer superior bonuses.

    - Bonuses that are temporary and/or conditional and work with any of the counter stats are highly undesirable because they cannot be built around. E.g. If a piece grants 2000 Armor Penetration for 10 seconds at the start of a fight, it is useless. If the player builds normally, they are already hitting the effective cap; if they attempt to take advantage of this bonus by swapping 2000 Armor Penetration for a different stat elsewhere in their build, they are being penalized after the first 10 seconds of any given fight.

    - Bonuses do not have to be +% damage to be desirable, but they should otherwise have something to do with Power, Action Point Gain, Recharge Speed, Movement Speed, etc., or have a niche tactical use like the Crown of the Undead's Pull. Not every piece of equipment has to be an undisputable BiS DPS choice, but it should offer something of interest to someone. The Successor arms are not a good example because the summoned entity does basically nothing.

    My specific question is...

    Do you have plans to revisit the equip bonuses on Successor armor, even if just for the Restored versions, to give players incentive to use it instead of throwing it out for RP as soon as it's looted?

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  • bpstuartbpstuart Member Posts: 235 Arc User
    Will Zen purchases and promos made based on faulty Promo calendars be honored or refunded such as those purchased on the 1st since the Error in the promo calendar was not the fault of the customer?
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  • kenpachiofakkenpachiofak Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    How can you call this a Q & A when you only cherry pick pointless questions that we already have ample information to? Why is it that you can give NO information to relevant questions such as the watcher set “Easter egg debacle”, pvp, poor loot tables and drop rates, why the previous BiS companions have been completely nerfed to the ground and to be made non-viable etc...?
    Why not change these streams to “state of the game” rather than give a false impression of answering community questions? The large multitude of questions are from the last about and have yet to be address whatsoever. Instead we have some noob dev live streaming Sharandar!!!!!!!! SMH...................…………
  • bloodrychebloodryche Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    When is my Alabaster weapon going to drop? At this moment it seems like the answer is never... 3X ME every day and only 3 Alabaster drops seen, all them the off hand. Already a month into the Mod. How is this supposed to be enjoyable?
  • hercules125hercules125 Member Posts: 427 Arc User
    1. Why the disengenousness with the watcher set? Why tell players it was in the game, lead them on with false red herrings, then later patch it in?

    2. When is scaling within undermountain encounters going to be fixed? Grey-con level 72 mobs should not be able to 1 shot a level 80. Why give such a big advantage to ranged dps with all of the cc inside these areas? ( whirlpools, tornados, etc )

    3. Why did you continue with the usual "design end-game content only for extreme builds" methodology.
    Players like me can never seem to catch up with gear/IL, and are usually told "exp'ed only" when we do.
    Why not two tiers for each dungeon, so that everyone can enjoy it?

  • silentstorm#0789 silentstorm Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    What happened to the Summer Pro sale? Are we going to get any bonus items beside Zen? Want to see the screen shot.
  • illcutyoutwiceillcutyoutwice Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    Given that you ignore or dismiss a lot of very constructive posts, suggestions, questions, etc.
    Also given that you outright lie(d) to your playerbase.
    Also, also given that it seems to phase you at a level of approximately zero.
    My question would be: Why do you even do "Q&A" streams?

    *Edited to correct syntax. (Removed the word have.)
  • dlynn334dlynn334 Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    Are there plans to address companion gear for those who did not get the reward at the launch of MOD 16? Maybe we could have a vendor to buy companion gear with under mountain seals.
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