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Are you going to Fix the Tank or what?

aramisdantearamisdante Member Posts: 2 Arc User
What is the biggest problem with the Tank class? IT CAN'T TANK. Everytime you use the tank it gets surrounded and then mauled, even with a Healer supporting him he can't do his job properly. I don't mind making changes to the game but when you totally nerf a players class and then Don't Do anything about it, well that just sucks. It's not just that I liked the old system better, its that it worked. Another problem with this system is that there are so many armor sets out there that are useless. It would have been nice to make the legacy gear for lower levels instead of keeping them all at 70. Also being able to auction them off instead of being bound to you would have been nice. Another option would to let the gear rank up with you. I don't like how the companions are used now. Although I do like them having their own gear. I personally think it is over complicated because you have runestones that add to your character rating through your companion, then the companion based on level has a rating, then you have boons that add. KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid. Would have worked better. And is it just me or does it seem to take a lot longer to get into a instance other than Random.


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